How to Qualify For Section 8 Housing

Qualifying for Section 8 Housing

The requirements for qualifying for section 8 can vary, and knowing how to apply for it, will get you a higher change to get this grant. There are many online vouchers to help, but make sure you are reading for the one for your state instead of vague descriptions that works for all states. Normally, property owners hate it when Section 8 becomes mentioned, because if they trash the house, the government wont pay for it. You need to make sure that you are respectful to the owner and their property and not take advantage because you are covered by the government.

Low income and income adjusted housing is a great financial assistance benefit for many single moms who need help paying for a place live in. Often, the location of the low income dwelling isn’t convenient to her needs. A solution could be the Section 8 housing voucher. There are many places that you can also look to find housing assistance for single mothers.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development funds Section 8 vouchers and local authorities administer them. If the family qualifies for the voucher, the single mom is free to find housing of her choice. As long as the rental manager or owner is willing to accept the program and meets HUD standards, the voucher is paid to the landlord with the renter making up the difference.

The subsidy is available to families with very low income. This will be determined by the average income for the locality that the family will be living in. Different areas of different states have differing median incomes, but HUD publishes those levels annually.

The Department of Social Services or local Housing Department accepts new applications for the subsidy program when the funds are available. If application is denied, ask if you can be placed on a waiting list. In some cases, the demand for the Section 8 housing vouchers is so high that even the waiting list is closed. In this case, watch the local paper and the DDS website for information on when it will again start accepting names.

A Section 8 housing voucher will let the single mom search for a home in an area of her choosing. She can also apply for the subsidy to help pay the rent on the home the family already lives in. Once accepted into the program, the family is able to move without giving up the benefit if the new location meets the programs requirements. Before you start looking for a new place to live, contact the issuing department and speak with a case worker. You’ll have to fulfill all of your obligations under your current rental lease before you move.

After You Get The House

Once you’ve found a rental, you and the landlord will agree on the terms of the lease between the two of you. A one year lease is the minimum term acceptable under the Section 8 program. Any security deposits will be paid by the tenant. The landlord and the Public Housing Authority will then enter an agreement for the assistance payments that run for the same period of the lease.

Section 8 qualification does not give you any extra benefits or leeway outside of the lease. The tenant is still expected to pay their portion of the monthly rent on time. All other terms of the lease must be met by the tenant, or they face the same consequences as any other tenant will face.

The landlord will have to allow the inspection of the rental unit and pass the checklist of requirements. As long as the landlord is receiving the payments under the agreement with the housing program, the unit has to meet these standards. Both the rental unit and the applicants eligibility will be reviewed every year.

There are several programs available under Section 8. Find out eligibility requirements and availability of each program in your area to see if you can take advantage of the federally funded subsidy that has helped many families find affordable housing grants for single moms in the area of their choice.

4 Responses to “How to Qualify For Section 8 Housing

  • Shanna Lewis
    4 years ago

    Hi’ I am a single monther of five kids. My oldest will be 20 years old this year. I am currently living with my mom with my kids, and in need of some housing assistance. My older kids will not be living with me, it will be me and my 3 girls. As stated we are currently living with my mom and her sister in a 2 bedroom apartment. I have tried calling around to different apartment complexes and all say that the waiting list for income based is closed for 1, 2, to 3 years. I am running out of time and don’t know what to do. It seems as if I’m just keep running into dead ends. I need some help.

  • I’m 26 years old a single mother to four kids ages 5, 3, & 6 months of age, My last pregnancy was twins. I need help bc I have no help at all. I get $1748 a month rent is $700 electric is $200 or more a month also have other bills like insurance $124 a mo etc. my question is I want to go to school and work but I can’t get any child care my, income comes from annuity a month I really don’t think I can work due to my adhd & bipolar I sleep all the time because of my stress I can’t afford $700 in rent I live, in Milwaukee, WI I need help finding low income housing please help me, please

  • I live in North Carolina. I am a mother of two children. I have a job, but it doesnt pay much. I living with the father of my children. We fight all the time, he always puts the job i have, down, always finds everything wrong, lies and does as he wishes with all the money he makes. I am here just because he is good with the kids. I need help moving out and finding a way to take care of my children and I, asap. I have only our clothes, their toys, and my car.

  • Cathy Antoinette
    5 years ago

    I am 22 and a single mother, of a 3 year old little boy. I do not know where to go for help. I am currently living back with my mothers’ house, but she is very emotionally abusive, today she took a picture of me eating and told me I had to stop…this weekend that passed she humiliated me infront of my nephew who is 15 and my younger sister who is 19 and called me a dumb ass mother, stupid and retarded. I can’t take the put downs anymore and I know in order to get housing I need to be physically abused. But living here isn’t good for me or my son, what are my options and where do I go from here because I feel completely trapped.

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