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College, no matter whom you talk to, tends to bring a worried or stressed look on many people’s faces. There are so many contributing factors that go into getting accepted. You have to look at every aspect of college and always remember the little details, cause one wrong aspect of your application filled wrong, one missed deadline and all your chances of getting into the college of your dreams could be gone. So to help out those who seem to have their breath caught in their throat, here are some suggestions/ tips to pay attention to before, during and after the application process:


Before Application Process:

Know where you’re applying.

You think you know where you are going to apply but that may very well change once you see the expectations and standards of the college. You see, every college has an average of what your GPA needs to be, test scores need to be, and the amount and which classes you need to take. So make sure you need the requirements of the college you are applying to. Furthermore, make sure that the major, if you already know, if offered at the school you applying to or which school has a BETTER program for that major.

            Have your tests complete.

What tests am I referring to? These tests are the well known SATs, ACTs, and Subject tests. Now, the SAT and ACT have different scoring standards so you many want to look into that and how it works. All colleges accept both test and each college has a certain expectation to how well you need to score, so make sure you’ve done your research. Now, depending on which school you apply to subject tests vary, some colleges require any, some require a certain one, while others don’t require any at all.

During Application Process:

Remember Money.

Unless you qualify for a fee waiver remember that you have to pay a application fee for all the schools you apply to, some costing more then other. If you are under a certain budget or are financially restricted you might want to reconsider how many schools you apply to.

Watch Deadlines.

Once the applications for colleges are available make sure that you check the deadlines for when they are to be completed by. Many people tend to forget or not remember and are unable to be considered by the college because they did not submit their application on time.

Stay Organized.

Depending on how many schools you are applying to you will need to create profiles for all of them. So make sure you have a word document with a list of schools you are applying to with your username and password saved on it so if you didn’t complete the article, you can later by signing back in.

Prior To Application Process:

Make Your Portals.

Once you have completed all the applications, mostly all colleges will require you to create a college portal. This portal will allow you to connect with the college and where you will receive a “to-do” list of thing you need to complete or the colleges need to receive. Furthermore, for many colleges your portal is where your decision, accepted or rejected will be posted. So you want to make sure that you have saved all your passwords and usernames for your portals.

Send transcripts/scores

Unless already done, many colleges will ask you when they want you to send them your school transcripts and scores. So make sure you are constantly checking your emails and portals for that request.

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