Benefits of Having a Career Path


Some people take a job because it is all they can find. They are so thrilled to be working that they don’t consider the long term effects the job have on them. Often, in these situations, they wake one day, years later and wonder why they are still in the same dead end job and why they are so dissatisfied with their careers. In addition to other benefits, having a career path can help avoid pitfalls like these.


If you’ve ever studied basic psychology, you are no doubt familiar with Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Mazlow’s principle was based on the idea that people work to satisfy their wants and needs in specific order. Basically, after satisfying our physical needs for things like food and water, human beings then begin to seek the things which will bring them some measure of safety, in terms of protecting themselves, their property, their families and resources. At this point, any job that provides and income and allows a person to fulfill these needs is acceptable.

Once these needs are met and as long as we have healthy relationships with friends and family, we start thinking about self-esteem issues like career advancement, accomplishments, achievement and the respect of others. This is where the career path comes in handy.

Goal Setting

You may be content to put food on the table for your family and go to sleep knowing your bills are paid. In today’s world, that is an accomplishment in itself. However, you may be wondering how you can hope to send your kids to college or buy a home of your own. Having a career path that takes into account your personal history, your educational background and your goals for the future can help you achieve those things.

Once you have identified what you want to achieve and laid out the steps to make it a reality, you have a plan. Having a plan gives you confidence and support during those times when you wonder just why it is you are killing yourself.


You will earn the respect of those around you. At work, your coworkers and superiors will be able to see the direction you are taking. Volunteering for projects, taking classes and working toward the goal will be evident and will earn you the respect of those around you and those who can help you.

Your children will also benefit from your career path. How, you might wonder? By your example, you will be demonstrating the importance of dedication and hard work. As they grow up, you will talk to them about what you are trying to do, explaining the importance of having a plan and a goal. You will teach them how to do these things, naturally on a smaller sale, as they attempt to set goals for themselves. In the end, you will raise children who are confident, determined and well-prepared for life as a result of creating and following your own career path.

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  1. This is great, it takes me few years before I’d realized that career path is very important . Before I become a parent I never give much attention to this but now I know how important it is. Thank you for this I know it helped a lot of women out there because as a mother I always wants what is best for my kids.

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