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Changing careers is a huge decision, so it’s important to learn more about it before you make such a commitment. Get suggestions here for what you need to do before changing careers to find out if the change you’re interested in making is going to be a good fit for you and your abilities.

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“Sass has had the experience of making ends meet as a single mother of two unruly boys and loves to share what she has learned with other moms who may be struggling with the same situations. Even in a two parent household times get tight and learning to manage money and teach your children to manage money is a huge investment in your family’s future. There are all sorts of tips and tricks as well as assistance programs to help single moms and Sass wants to help you find them!


  1. Career change is too risky most specially for single moms, there are a lot of what if’s and conditions that you have to consider. To be safe don’t leave your present job, if you really want to try another career then do it for just a freelance only and if in time you feel like you are growing through it then decide if you really want to leave your full time job or just concentrate on your new one.

    • It’s definitely always safer to keep your present job while you’re looking for a new one. Don’t quit and then look, that could potentially leave you jobless. Also, be sure to always be very discreet if you’re looking for a new job while still at your old one – you don’t want employers to be angry, or to pass over you for something like a promotion just because you’re considering leaving.

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