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If you’re not happy with your present employment, you may have dreams about working in a particular career field. Maybe you haven’t chosen the career that you would like to enter yet, but dream of being in a field that will allow you to use the skills that you enjoy working with. In either case, it makes sense to do an inventory of your present skills so that you are aware of opportunities as they present yourself to be successful in the future.

What interests and skills do you have that makes you likely to succeed in the career field that you want to pursue? Do you have personal qualities that might indicate that this is a good career for your? Interests and personal qualities are very important to use as the backbone of choosing a career. You can also learn the skills and practice them so that you qualify for the job in the field that you desire.

Some people have a hard time identifying the personal assets that they have that make them more likely to be successful in one career over another. For instance, single moms have to be organized. They have to juggle caring for their children, getting them to day care, play dates, school and extra curricular activities. Some moms manage better than others because they are more organized. This organization is a skill.

How are you at planning? Do you arrange gatherings of your friends, family and members of other organizations that you belong to? If you have a history of successfully managing successful gatherings, you should add planning to your list of skills.

A career counselor can help you do an inventory of your personality and interest skills. Exercises and counseling will identify these traits and you will be able to list your abilities with confidence and you use the qualities to compare skills in different career types.

Once you know what type of skill you have to offer and have an idea of what type of career interests you the most, do a bit of brainstorming and come up with a list of positions that fit in with your career goal. Do an internet search on specific employment opportunities and read the job descriptions. Make a list of the skills that are needed to qualify for the position. Don’t worry if you don’t presently possess the skills that are listed. Skills can be learned.

If you know anyone who is or has ever been employed in a field that is similar to one that draws your interest, speak to them about the career field. The tips that you receive from these insiders will help you prepare for your dream career.

Don’t expect to find the perfect job in your chosen career field at the beginning of your search. You can try out the new employment field to see if you are on the right path by accepting a art time job or even an internship. In some cases, interested persons are allowed to shadow employees for a short period of time so that they can observe the day to day work environment.

Remember that the workplace is constantly changing. Keep up with the changing requirements are you equip yourself with the skills that you need to be successful in your career.

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