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Choosing the right school for you can be quite a stressful thing to decide and figure out. As a single mom, you already you have to deal with so much from your children to paying your bill and staying fed, you don’t need another item on you plate that is already tumbling over. In times like this you need to make sure that you remain calm and don’t freak yourself out, doing so will get you nowhere only make the time passing by more difficult. Know, when it comes to choosing your school you need to consider a lot of things, here are a few ideas to consider that will help you in making your decision making process.

Types of Colleges and Universities

1)     Two-Year college: Two-year colleges (community college) are where you can complete your general studies (classes such as calculus, Chemistry, etc) and earn your associates degree. From there you have to go to a 4-year university, either private or public to earn your bachelors degree.

2)    Four-Year college:

  1. Private: Private colleges are usually more expensive, although they offer much more scholarship, amount wise and quantity wise as well. Private colleges are small populated, which means smaller classes. Also, the teachers and administrators are much more closer to students.
  2. Public: Public schools are have a more students and larger classrooms. Usually as less expensive and don’t offer as much scholarship options. Public schools are government run and take both, in state and out-state students although out-state students usually have to pay a higher tuition.

Know your Major

Going into college many people are unsure about their major that is fine for the first two years because you are simply completing your general studies. Although, after that you want to make sure that you know your major and choose your major wisely , you don’t want to select classes and decide you don’t like It after paying so much money and time into it.

Research Universities

You don’t want to limit yourself from all the opportunities different place have to offer you. Don’t go to a university because that is the only one you know about. Research different places; think about your major and what universities offer your major. If your major is a competitive one, then many universities will have it but it is something that is not taken by many then only a limited amount of universities may have it. Furthermore, if you two places both offer it, then you want to research there program because one may be more committed to the major then the other. Also, if you are interested in majors such as fashion, beauty, etc, you will find that there are schools specifically designed for that, if you research, you may find one of your liking.


Think about where you want to go, many universities that you like may be out of state or far from home, so know if you are willing to move the distance. Also, know if you want to study in a highly populated city or low populated town. Sometimes for students there surrounding can make a huge difference in their learning and creative processing.

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