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For the single mom who bears the full responsibility for caring for her family and supporting her household, the idea of going back to school may seem like an impossibility. After all, college costs money, and a lot of it. The good news for these moms is that there are some grants for single mothers that can make it more affordable and feasible for moms struggling to get into a better paying career.

State and School Based Grants

Some school support for single mothers come directly from the school or your state. If you know what college or university you want to attend, call their financial aid department. Explain that you are a single mom in difficult financial situation, and they will be able to point you in the direction of any grants for single mothers in college that the school has available. Some, like Purdue University’s Span Plan (, are not specific to single moms, but are targeted toward adult learners. Others, like Alabama’s Central Community Foundation (, are based on geographic location and financial need.

Women Specific Grants

Some grants for single mothers are designed for all women, making single mothers ideal candidates. Zonta International ( ) provides large grants for a wide range of reasons to women in all walks of life. If you are a single mom 35 or older, the Jeanette Rankin Foundation ( awards grants to women wishing to go back to school who are economically disadvantaged.

Single Mom Grants

Single moms will find a few grants specific to their situations. For instance, the Soroptimist International of the Americas ( offers the Women’s Opportunity Awards. This grant is offered to financially disadvantaged women who carry the full responsibility of caring for their households. The Kalamazoo Women’s Education Coalition Grant ( is designed to cover lifestyle expenses for women who cannot attend college because of their financial situation, and who were severed from their education after high school due to their life situations.

Government Grants

Not all grants have to come from schools or aid societies. Most single moms will qualify for the basic government grants because of their economic situations. Pell Grants for single mothers, for instance, is not specific to single moms, but rather based on economic need. The Pell Grant, which you apply for through the FAFSA (, offers between $400 and $5,350 to those who qualify, and is also the stepping stone for other federal grants.

As you can see, financial aid is available, and it is not always as difficult to get as you might think. Do your research and avoid scams that require you to pay for grant help, but do not feel that a college education is out of your grasp. Economic help is just an application away! Our website offers more financial help for single mothers.

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  1. I am a 21 year old single mother of a 2 year old. I had to stop going to college to help my mom raise my brother who has epilepsy, and also take care if my daughter. I just want to go back to school to set a great example to my daughter, and prove to her that I can give her a better life than what i had. So i would just like to know if there are any grants out there for me please. Thank you sooo much!!

  2. Hi I am a 23 year old mother of a 3 year old, and I am in the process of transferring to do school online instead of in a classroom. I am unemployed and in need of grants, loans, or scholarships so I can finish school. Please can someone help me?!

  3. Hello I have a 19 month old daughter and am supporting her myself. I would really like to get my Masters Degree in International Finance to make myself more marketable in a competitive and slightly depressed economy. Would I be able to recieve information about possible grants that may be open to me?


  4. Hi, I’m a single mother with one on the way. I have no transportation and no one to help with that. I live in an extended stay hotel in South Carolina. I live here because it is walking distance from my job. I work as a bartender/ server and have been in the restuarant since I was sixteen. I’m 26 and my general manager is 24, graduated from college majoring in restuarant hospitality management and tourism. Something I always wanted to be and could have been if I didn’t drop out of school when I was pregnant. I’ve always felt like I had job security but due to some misunderstandings I realized tonyight I’m just a regular employee, even though I’ve been with them from the day they opened and have sacrificed a lot to work there. Tonight I realized just how fast I could lose my source if income. I never want to feel like this again, and felt loser for not continuing my education… How do I get help with no means of transportation?

    • I am sorry you feel this way. Surely everything will work out your way. For transportation, I suggest taking a little amount of money from your paycheck every month to maybe buy a nice and reasonably priced car.

  5. i am 31 years i have a 10 a 6 and a 5 years old girls.. i have beed single with no assistance or contact from father for over 7 years.. i enrolled in college this spring for the first time in 10 years.. @ weeks into school my mom who battled cancer was told she had 2 weeks to like.. I went to stay in her home and become her care taker.. she indeed died about 15 days later in my arms… i am ready to go back to school .. i am ready to look into a brighter direction. my daughters are enrolled in the whichita and affiliated tribe but that wont help me.. if there is absolutly anything that could help me with the costs of living so that i may attend school full time I would be interested.. I want the opprotunity to finnish but I have to be the mother the father and everyone else to my girls… the value of life i place in them means everything to me.. I can not fathom raising them with school work church and making time to be their support also… as i said before please feel free to contact me if theres any avenue I could explore.

  6. hi my nane is miriam ,i’m a single mother ,am not officialy divorced but we ‘re separated ,and i want to go back to school but i’m afraid how i’m gonna live with no income specially if the school is gonna be hard and i couldn;t work and go to school in the same time,i’m also worry about the baby she is 18 month now how i’m gonna aford a day care too i live in the states now for just three years so i do not know any thing about what you are talking about as fedral and state help ,so please i’m in dead nead for any advice ,thx in advance

  7. Im a single mom of a 3 year old, Im desperatly looking any help I can get
    I recieve food stamps and I recieve a check for my son due to his dad getting killed in a wreak
    He gets a medical card and im trying to find out if I qualify for one aswell due to the fact
    I have medical problems that is preventing me from working. I was enrolled in college and was doing great until my fiance (sons dad) was killed. Now I have to try and pay my defaulted loan just so I can go back. But I can’t even make my payment on the loan and they won’t work with me. I recently lost my car so I have to rely on friends to take me where I need to go. I have no family so times like this is making it hard on getting back on track after tragidy.

  8. My name is Michelle and i am a single mother of 2 teenagers ages 19 & 17. I am wanting to go back to school to get my license for CNA and then onto LPN. I have a school that i have chose, however it in only a 7 week course and they do not offer financial assistance nor loans through FASFA. I am curious to know if there are any grants available for me so that i can reach my goal as a nurse. Please advise. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  9. Alexis Willoughby on

    I’m a single mom in need of educational and housing financial help. I am presently a senior at the university of new haven. I am struggling with an issue that affects my degree and living situation. In November of last year I put a deposit on my first home, as of March of this year I had a couple inconsistencies and an issue of no longer qualifying for a down payment assistant grant because of the income bracket for a family of two. Since then I have been searching for different grants that I qualify for to provide my son with a home. Recently I have been addressed with an even more financial setback because even with grants and loans I am still struggling to pay my balance at school and this will affect my graduation in the spring. I dropped out of school in 2004 at 21 to move back home and raise my son but I refused to not set the example that all things are possible if you are dedicated and steadfast. I returned to school in 2006 this has been a really long journey. If there is anyway that you can assist me in my issues it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  10. For anyone who is interested here are a few more scholarships/grants that weren’t mentioned above:

    Tall Clubs International Scholarship

    Offers $1,000 to women who are above 5’10″ the application is a relatively easy one to fill out. The wrinkle in the scholarship is that you have to get someone from the TCI to sponsor you so make sure you check out the map on their site.

    Beauty School Directory Scholarship

    Is for $2,500 if you are interested in going to cosmetology school. I don’t know the specifics of the scholarship off the top of my head I just know that if you go to the website you can fill the application out.

    Vegetarian Resource Group

    Offers two $5,000 scholarships for women who have graduated from high school or are in college. I believe for this one you are going to have to write an essay but for $5,000 it is definitely worth it!

    I hope this adds some value and someone gets something out of the comment.

  11. I am a single mother of 2 girls. I had my eldest daughter at a young age but still pursued a college degree. Many obstacles came about and I was unable to finish. It has now been 14 years and I am attempting to go back. I have many obstacles now also. I decided to go part time to pursue my career, but have full time bills. I am making this harsh sacrifice because living pay check to paycheck we are barely keeping our heads above water. I am putting my trust in God that he will see me and my girls through this time and believe that better awaits us on the other side of this degree. I have faith that we will get through this but for the next 13 months we will literally be living hand to mouth. I have explained this to my girls letting them know that we just need to make it through this and we will be find.

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