Cons of Working From Home


As exciting as working from home can sound, with waking up the time you please, doing the work and making it revolve around you schedule rather then the other way around, there are a few downsides to working at home. Here are few things to keep in minds when considering to work from home.


May make you lazy

When you work in an office it takes a high amount of discipline to walk up at 7:30 in the morning, get ready, eat breakfast and be at the office at 9:00 am. You have a set time to be someplace at a certain time and knowing there are consequences if you don’t leads to be to more persistent with that. But when you work from home, you tend to break out of the discipline and wake up at the time you please and fall out of the sense of “I have to be there.”


Breaks your daily routine

When you go your office at work, you know that you have to wake up at a certain time and be there at a certain time. There is a designated timing for everything. You tend to fall under this rhythm of work that you follow through everyday; helps keep your organized and stay on task. But when you work from home, you tend to fall out of this routine because what you do with your time is in your hands to control not in someone else’s.


Less Socializing

When you are at work, you rely on your co-workers to help you with many things and you rely on your co-workers. So when you work from home you don’t receive that same exposure to people that you would other wise. Furthermore, in an office you are constantly running into people, talking, communicating leading to invitations to other social events. Though when you are at home all the time, you don’t get to meet new people, go out to lunch with a new co-worker or ever get to talk to anyone. You tend to become anti-social much of the time because your work requires more out of you solely rather then you with others.


You easily overwork or under-work yourself

Working from home, you don’t have to deal with the pressure of someone constantly reminding you something or keep on asking you for something. You know what you have to do and when to have it done by. In the rush of doing many other things you may procrastinate and forget to your work, which leads you to stay up all night trying to catch up and completing it. If your are a workaholic you tend to do nothing but commit your time to your work, not caring about other thing, while you can be the complete opposite worry about everything except doing your work.

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