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  • Dianne Hoffman
    4 years ago

    I recently re-filed for Medicaid and LINK> It has been several weeks and I have heard nothing. My caseworker cannot be gotten a hold of so I leave messages for her on other peoples lines. Her mailbox has been full for over a week. I am having health issues as well as not being able to afford much food for my kids and I . Can you help?

  • Heather Reese
    4 years ago

    My name is Heather Reese. I’m a single mother with a special needs child, her name is Kendra. She has numerous health problems, including Asperger’s syndrome, scoliosis, and more. I too have many health problems – Tourettes syndrome, 3 back surgeries (I’ve just been told that I need a fourth), and more.

    I was told to contact you by my daughter’s psychologist. I’ve been self employed – so to speak – for years, but my health has steadily been declining, and now I’m simply unable to work. I will be applying for disability for both myself and my daughter this week if possible. I didn’t know that I could apply for my daughter until her counselor (who comes to our home) told me that I could. I applied in 2010, but was turned down several times and after about 4 appeals, I gave up.

    I was supposed to take Kendra to get a psychological evaluation today (Monday, November 5, 2013) in order to keep her in counselling, but I couldn’t take her because I did not have the money to put gas into a car that I’ve been renting for nearly a year. They are now telling me that since they have not received a payment that I have to have the car in tomorrow or pay them, or they will report it as stolen. I have a car, but it is broken down, and the cost to fix it is too high. I desperately need transportation for all of our doctors appointments, and they are literally weekly. My credit was ruined when I lost everything in 2008. All of our debt was in my name, so my credit score went from the high 800s to 125 now. I can’t get anyone to sell me anything because of it, so the vicious cycle continues. We absolutely must have transportation, as well as a home. My daughter is finally doing well in school, and I’ve gotten her into cheerleading (her dad paid), and she is participating in show choir at school. She is happy for the first time in her life. She’s 10, in the fifth grade, and she’s already been to 4 elementary schools. So, I can’t do that to her again. I’m terrified of the damage that will do to her. We lived in the Alpharetta and Roswell area (an hour away) since 1995, and moved here to Gainesville, GA about a year ago, and that’s when my car broke down. All of our doctors are in the Atlanta, Roswell, and Alpharetta areas.She and I both have specialists that are not here, so we are forced to go back and forth several times per week. This is also a 1 hour drive without traffic.

    My rent $650 was due on November 1, 2013 with a 5 day grace period, otherwise a $50 late fee is tacked on if paid afterwards up until the 10th. Then, if not paid, they file eviction. My electric bill was 3 months behind, but my mother paid a portion of it today – to keep it on – as an early birthday present. However, she is retired and in extremely poor health, and also on disability, so she helps when she can. And, it’s not often.

    I’m still married, but have been separated since late 2008. And, between my husband, my ex-step father, my mother, and some friends I’ve been barely getting by. However, now they have all stopped helping me, and it seemed to literally happen at the same time – this past week. My husband was taken to court for child support, and he keeps a less than half time job, just for instances like this, the IRS, and people who sue him. He’s quite the con artist, he’s been in prison twice, and jail countless times. He is actually self employed, and lives a life of luxury, but I only get about $150 per month in Child support. He originally said he was indigent, but they found about the job he keeps – again less than part time, no benefits, etc. Yet, he literally travels all of the time for personal reasons, and occasionally for work. And, he “throws some money my way”, as he says, but now that has stopped. I believe he is in trouble with the law again. He put a check into my bank account that someone else wrote him, yet he filled out, on a closed account. Of course I incurred many fees from the bank and bouncing checks to pay our necessities. We do not have television because I can’t afford that either… And, this was the type of thing he went to prison for the first time.

    I try to do a little work as often as I can, but I’m in need of a fourth back surgery, and it’s very difficult to do too much off anything with severe pain (other pain as well). And, I still have to do my best taking care of my daughter, who as I’ve touched upon, has several medical problems of her own. But, to her, I am her rock, and I try not to let her know how bad things are. Besides the big issues, I couldn’t even pay the $14 for her to get a cheer trophy. I pray that they will take that into account.

    However, we are both on food stamps and Medicaid, but those are dwindling due to government issues. Our food stamps were reduced – not due to us, and Medicaid is offering less in the dental department. I have several teeth that have severe cavities, and 2 are broken. The pain is immense. Between my mouth, my back, and more it’s horrible! And, I do take several very strong medications for the pain as well as my mental disorders due to the Tourettes. My mouth stays dry. Anyway, you get the picture.

    I’m not sure what else to say, except that I’ve never done this before, and I never knew where else to turn for help outside of DFACS. So, please help us, in any way possible as soon as you possibly can. We can’t be evicted and we need transportation. As well as other pertinent life issues.

    Thank you for reading this, and hopefully helping.

  • Sandi Parker
    4 years ago

    Hi, I am a single mom of a 12 yr. old boy. I legally am the primary care giver, he lives with me all except every other sat. and sun.Financially supporting the two of us has always been overwhelming, I’m just now worn down enough to realize I got to get help other than my worn out familys financial support-they are done helping me. I have asked my x to give me money for my son and I have never received a dime. In fact, I have loaned him money so he could come pick my son up for one weekend. I am self-employeed which is very tough, but I have kept it this way because it gives me the flexability for doing things for my son. I fully pay for everything for my son and its just killing me financially…I just cant do this anymore. I get so stressed out gathering up change so we can go grab a gallon of milk or put gas in the car.. My dad is tired of loaning me money, I’m embarrassed cause I cant even afford health insurance and in the past I haven’t qualified for state assistance. I wanted to know if someone could help direct me and let me know if I qualify for help financially. I am looking into health care for both of us as I do not want to continue not being covered. It has been the toughest road ever…I am college educated, but it just doesn’t matter its hard doing this alone..I need help not sure which way to turn any advice would be wonderful, Ive tried so hard to do all this the conventional way,but any way I turn it, I either cant pay the rent, or cant pay the bills or bearly enough to get gas/food. This just is not working and I’m too stubborn to give up, but now I give. By the way my sons dad got a felony last year and now he cant even get a job, I do plan to file paperwork on him soon enough even though I doubt I’ll ever see a dime from him. Thanks. Tina

  • How can I go about applying for financial aid towards college and career training? I’d like to train to be a lactation consultant, does financial aid cover this?

  • I am a single mother of two children who is in need of a vehicle. As of now, I do not have the funds to accomdate a vehicle; however not having a car is starting to become a burden for myself and two children. If I could receive assisitance or a referral I would really appreciate it.

  • Katie Hernandez
    4 years ago

    I’m a licensing worker at Arizona’s Children Association and we’re having an appreciation event for our foster families. I was curious if there were any brochures/resources from your company that we would be able to have at a resource booth during our event in December. Thank you.

  • Lauretta
    4 years ago

    my daughter boyfriend have 2 year old son. boyfriend is leaving says hes not paying child support. my daughter will be single mother and college student. how does she go about custody and child support?

  • Dion Thornton
    4 years ago

    I am a single mom needing assistance. I would really appreciate it if I could speak with someone about my circumstance and perhaps obtain assistance.

  • I do not work getting ready to file for divorce. Do have a daughter who is 20 and mentally disable she receives $700 in SSI. Not sure if I will get alimony due to we have only been married 2yrs but have been together for 10. We were married before and then were divorced my daughter condition has only been a year now and he can’t not handle it. So I had to stop working I was making $45,000 a year now nothing. Is there anything out there to help me get my daughters and me into a house or apartment? Thanks for your time. Shawn

  • I am a Mom of a special needs son. Three types of epilepsy an has had bain surgery removal of 3 half parts. vns unit i have NO family to help i Moved to Vidor Tx for my son of 18 to start first full yr of school 2011…… We have his ssi an i home health set on wkends for 350. half way 2012 my ride blow motor. manage get a OLD car that ran hot all time 700 lasted few months it blow up lost job an his Dr. is in Austin tx miss two apt I NEED only a ride PLEASE

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