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Q: Night school or online school?

A: Wanting to attend Night or online school is very much a personal preference, it all varies depending on the schedule you have and the responsibilities you have to uphold. Being a mother and juggling school along with a job and or other things can get hard to juggle, so if that you attending online school would be the best choice. You are able to handle your homely business as well as attend school all is the comfortable confinements of your home.

Q: How much can FAFSA help me in going back to school to earn my degree?

A: To begin with you have to go through the lengthy process of applying for FAFSA, once you are done it will give an estimation of how you can possibly receive. The amount depends on various factors such as income, family size, first generation, you tax information and much more relevant information. So you can assume how much you receive because each person receives a different amount due to his or her living conditions.

Q: I’d like to go back to school to get my undergrad/graduate degree. Which grants can help me?

A: The great thing about going back to school is that there are many grants available out there to help single mothers go back to achieve their graduate or undergraduate degrees. A good grant to apply for is the pell grant. Pell grants are general grants from the government that help monetarily to go back to school. Also, there are other private and public organizations that hand out money (if you qualify) to go back to school. See a full list here.

Q: What are some good jobs that don’t require too many degrees and pay well?

A: A job that would probably top the list would be something in the nursing field. A job as a nurse pays quite well and you don’t have to go through too much education to land a job. A job as a nurse is also rewarding as well. The job requires a lot of commitment, however, if you feel like you are okay to put in the extra work, a job as a nurse is probably the best with a limited educational background. There are also many opportunities to improve your skill set as a nurse and you can be promoted to many other positions in a hospital. There are many great schools in the nation as well for nursing degrees. Also criminal justice is another profession that is quite popular. Criminal justice offers many online courses that single mothers can take to find a way into the profession.

Q: Is a community college a good place to go for obtaining a degree?

A: A community college is actually a great place to go to obtain a degree. Community colleges have great, small class sizes and an environment where students can actually work and learn. Also, many community colleges offer a lot of financial help to students that live nearby. Community college is also cheaper than traditional college, making it a good option to get a degree.

Q: Textbooks are quite expensive, how can I save money on textbooks?

A: No matter what college you attend, textbooks and other resources are crucial to getting a good education. Buying textbooks is not a cost that you are going to get out of easily. The best way to save money on textbooks is to visit websites like and where you can buy many of these textbooks for half the price. Sometimes, the price reduction is even more than that. This is a good option especially if you know you will not need the book for a long time.

Q: I want to go back to school. Can I receive some grants to make college cheaper for my family

A: Yes,there are many grants available to you that are cheaper and will make it easier for you and your family. First you have to find out what is it can you afford. is a website that can make things a little easier, becuase all you have to do is conduct a search in the criteria you need and you could find the exact grants you want that matches with your elegibility requirements. Another way to find out government and non-profit grant is just simply going to the school you are interested in and asking the offices what grants at that particular school can aid you if you are intrested in applying. Also the internet can provide a lot of grants but be sure to read and go over each requirements and make sure you are eligible.

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  1. Hello,
    I am a single mother of two, I have an associate’s degree in business and a mountian of debt from attempting to gain a bachelor’s degree. However, it is very hard to work full-time and attend school. The job I have currently is very unflexable especially for single mothers I am most days working from 7am until 6pm every day. I have no time for my children so school right now is not even an option.
    I am constantly applying for economic hardship deferrments because I barely make enough money for my family to eat. I have no way of paying back these loans and finding a better job has been a serious challenge. I fill out at least two applications every week and with no luck.
    I need help with these loans is there any type of internships I can do to pay them off or to get a better job and pay them off. I do not want to ruin my credit and I do want to get this off of my back. Please if anyone can help with any job info or loan forgiveness information.
    Thank you

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