Easy Ways Single Mothers Can Get Financial Assistance

Finding financial assistance for single mothers can be hard and finding the money for everything you and your kids need can be even tougher. That’s why governmental branches and private organizations have set up ways to provide single moms with the financial help they need – including free money.

The 529 Savings Plan –

The 529 Savings Plan is a very special type of financial aid. This plan is like a plan from tax advantages that is designed especially to help save money for college. The “qualified tuition” is usually offered by state agencies and some educational institutes. This money is only designed to be used for college or a higher education. Once the account is established, anyone can contribute to the account to add more funds for the college journey. For more information on what a 529 plan is and how you can find out if you are eligible, check out their website.

Grants. Unlike loans, grants do not have to be paid back. They are given to those who need them the most, and often those people have to go through a screening process to determine eligibility. Grants are commonly given to those who want to pursue higher education, though other need based help is available, depending on specific needs and where you are located.

Sunshine Lady Foundation.

A College Degree may just be the answer to your dreams. Find out how you can make it a reality!

A College Degree may just be the answer to your dreams. Find out how you can make it a reality!

Established in 1996 by Ms. Doris Buffet, the Sunshine Lady Foundation is dedicated to helping mothers get out of abusive relationships and get back on their feet. The fund provides money for education, offers scholarships, and is dedicated to helping families in crisis. To determine if you qualify, visit:


Our Families, Our Future

This organization is dedicated to providing a helping hand to those who are trying to get back on their feet. They help train women for positions in the work force that will allow them to make a living wage and take care of their children without help from the government or welfare programs. Find out more at


The Women’s Opportunity Awards

These are awards given to mothers who are the primary money-earners for their families, and who are furthering their options by going back to school. The cash award recognizes hard work and rewards it with not only the money, but the recognition of a job well done. You can learn more about the awards at


Institutional Grants.

Colleges and universities will offer grants to those who are already enrolled with them. For instance, if you want to take online classes, a computer is necessary – but for the struggling single mother, this can be an expense that is impossible to meet. Some colleges will provide computers for free, with the understanding that it is “on loan” until you complete your educational requirements – and then you get to keep it.

There are many organizations, both private and public, that are based in your specific area. Start by looking in the phone book for organizations like Helping Hands or the Salvation Army. These are good starting points to help you find further information on financial assistance for single mothers, including free money for single moms. To find further information on governmental grants, visit the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance at


This is a great place to go to information for mothers.

70 Responses to “Easy Ways Single Mothers Can Get Financial Assistance

  • jenes k. ogendi
    3 years ago

    I am a single mother with two children and one is suffering from sickle cell anemia disease. I have undergone complicated life so i am requesting financial assistance thank.

  • Franchesca
    3 years ago

    I am a single mother of four in between the ages of 16 to 8… I had my babies in a very young age but always had in mind that I wanted to better my self, my life n my babies deserve the best. By the age of 22 I had my LAST baby n decided to go back to college and finish my Bachelors degree in Social Work, after hard working, studding and completing my internship I decided to relocate to US with my babies looking for a better life style for all of us. After three years of a lot of sacrifices, searching and praying and assisting to interviews and interviews my God has finally blessed me with a Social Worker Position in a private company in which I am very happy and comfortable by helping and providing strength to others. Today I am 30yrs old and can tell you that it hasn’t been easy being on my own with 4 kids, but when you really want something, you just work towards that main goal or dream and don’t ever loose hope and faith, With god everything, with out him nothing. I know the system makes it very hard on us, making a lot of us depend on their services and having to take “the easy way out of the situations” but its so hard for us that are just trying to better our selves and become auto sufficient… Patience and lots of faith girls…lets demonstrate the system that we can be better…with or with out their help. God bless u all!!!

  • I am a single mom as well trying to go back to school (AS WELL) and I am looking for some type of program, grant, loan, etc.to help me pay for my 700 dollar cna class. I no how I am when I get a job I will work forever and then look back 10 yrs. down the line and feel like I’ve waisted my life. I am getting older and I want a career now. can anyone help

  • olivia martin
    3 years ago

    I am wondering if their are resources that help mother’s get their children back.. I lost my boys to the state about a year and a half ago and I have put in over 200 application’s to find a job but nothing seems to be working out and It is really a struggle not having my boys in my life so if you could email me information on how to get help. I would be so thankful.

  • I am a 53 year old disabled single parent of a seven year old. I am receiving disability and child support which puts me on the line of no help. I received $18 from food share no rent help very little utility help and state insurance which I am grateful for. I couldn’t keep up n got very far into debt. I moved in with my baby’s daddy n now regret it. We get along but the newer house we live in I feel has many sanitation issues n I need to get my child n myself out ASAP. Before I moved I had issues with my car and with bad credit my only option was pay day loans. I had $6000 in bills and am down to $3000 which I need to consolidate into a lower payment to move. Any ideas on where to get a $3000 bad credit loan that isn’t too high on interest and is long term. The payday loans are $500 per month there has to be something better. Please any suggestions

  • I am currently living in my boyfriends home with his mother and father. We just had our daughter 8 months ago and now I am pregnant with twins. My boyfriend and I are now separated, he is living with a friend, and with two on the way, his parents said I must move out. I applied for Temporary Assistance and I am praying constantly that they can help me pay rent in an apartment somehow. With my twins coming it will be impossible for me to work for at least a month after I give birth to them. I make less than 700 dollars a month working part time, my boyfriend still provides me with things for the baby and I so am not fetching child support on him, but I need help. Does anyone think that there is a slight chance that I am anywhere near qualifying for Temporary Assistance. I am so desperate that I am reaching out to anyone who may have advice about my application for this service. This is my last hope to ask the public if I seem to be eligible. Anyone who knows anything about Temporary Assistance, please let me know. I am terrified!

  • I have 2daughters my 20year old was dx with a mental disease. I had to stop working to stay home with her. I was with my job for 10 yrs, but she needed constant care. Now I’m getting ready to go thru a divorce and I have no income is there any facility out there that assist you into getting an apartment. I’m sure I will get alimony but don’t have deposits. Thanks for any advice.

  • I am a single mom of 6 children. I was divorced 8 years ago. I have worked very hard and I cannot seem to get out of this financial distress. I recently lost my job and now I am about to loose my house. I would love to go back to school but I am having a hard time doing it because if I go back to school I cannot work and that means no income. I am on the verge of depression and I don’t know what to do. My kids are my life and I cannot take care of them. What do I do

  • I’m in a very sticky situation & need all the help I can get. Currently I live w the father of my son who was once a recovering alcoholic for 10yrs. He has since ‘fallen off the wagon’ & is a raging alcoholic w not regard for anyone but himself. He has put my son & I through hell the last 2yrs & we HAVE TO get out of here. Only problem is I don’t have a dime to my name since I’ve been a sahm for all of my sons life, worked part time running the office area of my husbands business which allowed me to stay home w our son but now have an injury that prevents me from doing any kind of heavy lifting or strenuous repetitive work (all temp agencies here only offer factory/manual labor jobs & I cannot get any disability assistance) & have zero family. Its been just the 3 of us for 14yrs. He controls all the $, cars, house… everything. I do have a car of my own but it currently needs a lot of work to be safe to drive. Its looking as though we will be living in that car soon if I don’t find help. The assistance agency here will not help me until we actually ARE homeless & haven’t eaten in months. So we are stuck in this living hell w nowhere to go. Living w him when he feels like being part of the family or too hung over to do anything else. I need $ to move, food, get my car fixed, & to live on until I can get on my feet. I’ve never in my life asked for assistance w anything & have always worked for everything I needed. I’ve been on my own since I was 13 & never had any assistance. I worked thru high school & college & paid my own bills & provided for myself from that first day I was left on my own. I don’t know what to do. I’m so completely lost & alone. I will be forever grateful for whatever help you can offer or advice you can give. I am literally at the end of my rope & my last nerve is about burnt up. The stress level is killing me & my son is losing his childhood innocence because of this mess. If anything, he is the one that deserves all I can give him. He deserves better & as his Mother I am responsible for giving him a safe, loving, worry-free childhood. He deserves all that & so much more after everything he’s been through. We attend therapy & I do all that I can but there has to be more.
    Thank you & God Bless.

    • This is for MELLY:
      keep your head up, stay positive and always look up to GOD for guidence. i was in the same situation as you are today, i was beaten, raped, and i have two little boys who depend on me. i am not religious but a believer that God is good. I looked to the sky and asked him for a way out, a place to go, and funds to help us get by. the next morning i opened my closet and out fell a small post it note with a phone number on it. i called that number and it was my brothers cell #. He didnt answer at first but i left a message. and he called right back. Needless to say God will answer you even if you dont attend church. Now depending on where you live there should be an abuse shelter in your area. if you google abuse shelters for women and children you should find one close to where you are or where you want to be. Now before you say no to this these shelters are safe and clean and you and your children are placed in a room with lock and key for your safety and privacy you receive financial advice and other forms of aid you might need. i was in this kind of shelter for less than a month and they gave me a down payment on an apartment for me and my kids also payed for moving truck helped me with furniture food clothes and toys for me and my kids.i have been free for three years now and am as happy as can be that my kids aren’t living every day scared. Please dont give up if you are still in need of assistance just stay possitive and dont let him find out what you plan to do. also these shelters are a secret to the public. some aren’t even in the phone books. if you read this and are still in need of anything email me and i will try to help in any way i can. also if you go to any department of human services office state aid office they will help you get out fast. mrs.brandywine13@gmail.com

  • Do you know of any immediate cash assistance? I’m a single mom and I’m having to move by the 1st … because I don’t have the rent and bills are due…

    needing $1000-$1500

    I lost my job after 3 years for a corporate downsize… so I can’t get a loan….

    but I have car titals, and will also be able to pay it back if needed within 6 months

    Anyone know who to turn to?

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