Easy Ways Single Mothers Can Get Financial Assistance

Finding financial assistance for single mothers can be hard and finding the money for everything you and your kids need can be even tougher. That’s why governmental branches and private organizations have set up ways to provide single moms with the financial help they need – including free money.

The 529 Savings Plan –

The 529 Savings Plan is a very special type of financial aid. This plan is like a plan from tax advantages that is designed especially to help save money for college. The “qualified tuition” is usually offered by state agencies and some educational institutes. This money is only designed to be used for college or a higher education. Once the account is established, anyone can contribute to the account to add more funds for the college journey. For more information on what a 529 plan is and how you can find out if you are eligible, check out their website.

Grants. Unlike loans, grants do not have to be paid back. They are given to those who need them the most, and often those people have to go through a screening process to determine eligibility. Grants are commonly given to those who want to pursue higher education, though other need based help is available, depending on specific needs and where you are located.

Sunshine Lady Foundation.

A College Degree may just be the answer to your dreams. Find out how you can make it a reality!

A College Degree may just be the answer to your dreams. Find out how you can make it a reality!

Established in 1996 by Ms. Doris Buffet, the Sunshine Lady Foundation is dedicated to helping mothers get out of abusive relationships and get back on their feet. The fund provides money for education, offers scholarships, and is dedicated to helping families in crisis. To determine if you qualify, visit:


Our Families, Our Future

This organization is dedicated to providing a helping hand to those who are trying to get back on their feet. They help train women for positions in the work force that will allow them to make a living wage and take care of their children without help from the government or welfare programs. Find out more at


The Women’s Opportunity Awards

These are awards given to mothers who are the primary money-earners for their families, and who are furthering their options by going back to school. The cash award recognizes hard work and rewards it with not only the money, but the recognition of a job well done. You can learn more about the awards at


Institutional Grants.

Colleges and universities will offer grants to those who are already enrolled with them. For instance, if you want to take online classes, a computer is necessary – but for the struggling single mother, this can be an expense that is impossible to meet. Some colleges will provide computers for free, with the understanding that it is “on loan” until you complete your educational requirements – and then you get to keep it.

There are many organizations, both private and public, that are based in your specific area. Start by looking in the phone book for organizations like Helping Hands or the Salvation Army. These are good starting points to help you find further information on financial assistance for single mothers, including free money for single moms. To find further information on governmental grants, visit the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance at


This is a great place to go to information for mothers.

70 Responses to “Easy Ways Single Mothers Can Get Financial Assistance

  • Scarlette
    5 years ago

    Hi my name is Scarlette and I am 6 mons pregnant, I was wondering if there was any assistance for expectant moms like me. I am behind already with some bills like car and rent and I do work but its just not enough and it’s hard enough that I am not getting help from the future dad. If anyone knows about any assistance it would be of great help, thank you.

  • jalaine
    5 years ago

    I. Am a single mother to a 12 years old son. I want to hsend him to military school I can’t afford it. The school is asking for27.000 a year.I would love for him to go and make a better person out of him..can someone. Help me please.

    • Does the school have some financial aid programs that you qualify for? If not try contacting them and let them know about your financial situation.

  • hi im a mother of 10 i have 7 children living with me i move to ct to get away from my bigger children and there family and now that im in ct i cant get no help i would love to move back to ny in the bx with my family but i have no money to do so is there any one out here that can help me until i get back on my feet i work and get ssi for 3 of my children but there checks has been cut down to 853 for 3 of them and food stamps for 7 of us133 then give me so most of the time i got work over time so i can buy food and stay to keep my bills up to part its very hard i want move back to ny were i can get help the only reson i move to ct is for the rent 1400 for 4 bedroom and know to now that my children check be cut so bad that i cant pay my bills now and no food in the house and my gas been off and my lights to it so hard out here can someone please help me and my family to move back to ny in the bx with my family

  • Brittany
    5 years ago

    Hi my name is Brittany and I am a single mother. I can see where some of these women are frustrated. I hold two jobs and I go to school online while I take care of my two year old daughter. It seems like no matter how hard I work, I am always behind, and can’t get any help that is out there. When I go to the DHS office I always end up having some kind of issue with them. I ask them if there is any help I can get, and they reply that I make too much or ignore me completely. AND I don’t even make all that much, I have food stamps but I only get $200. The part that makes me fume is that I had this neighbor, a grown man, who received over $300 without any kids. How is that right? Sometimes I wonder if I should just give up and just be one of those welfare mom’s because it seems so easy. But I wasn’t raised to take more than I needed. Honestly I just don’t know what to do. I know there are grants out there but where? The DHS office wont give me any information and I have got to something. I check online but all the sites I find aren’t helpful I need some kind of guidence

    • i totally understand where your coming from but from one mother to another no matter what never give up… it will work its self out and im on the county and hate it not because i dont want to work, i miss that so much i just dont have the help.i have ,.three sets of twins and a three year old. just some words of incouragement .. god is good and as long as you know where your heart it you and your children will be ok.. just never give up!!

  • hello iam a single mother of two lil girls.who is really needing help for back to school clothes..i cant afford to buy them any,can anyone help anything will really help us out.thank you

  • Nicole Bauer
    5 years ago

    hello ,im a 30 yr single mother of a four yr old little girl .i had to leave my apartment duee to physical abuse .i dont kow what to do and need help .i have worked my whole life and ever since i had my daughter i am not able to hold a job for more then a year im staying with a friend for now but need to get my own place and have no resourses .looking for some guidenss. thank you for taking the time to read my story .

  • State assistance is not always the answer I know. If you have any kind of decent job the state does not help. I am a single mom with a child who has a developmental disabilities. I have a decent job, however I am still behind on bills. I can’t afford have the things that he needs for his disability including therapy. I pay so much in health insurance for him and it does not cover what he needs for therapies. Every one thinks that there are grants and state assistance out there to help single moms, but if you work then no there is not. I would like a real answer and solution for once on how I can pay for all these medical bills and get my self out of debt. How I can afford to get my son the therapies he needs. If you make over 900 an hour you are not going to get any state assistance.

  • Hello everyone.i need help i am a single 47 year old mom and i am in desperate need of money.i have five children and my life is just full bad luck nothing ever god right for me.just i want help my son but i don’t have money. please everyone, everybody’s to help me.i need 14700$ for my son operation.can help me somebody.

  • Michele
    5 years ago

    I am a single mom of six and I just graduated from college with my A. S. in Nursing but I am in need of assistance to pay for state board test so that I can obtain a job to help support my family. I just moved into a house and now I can’t pay the next month rent on time. Please help

    • Congrats! Have you looked into any state assistance that can maybe help you out. Each state has their own programs as to what they can offer and maybe the state in which you live has a program that can help you with your rent.
      As for the state board test, you can ask the college itself and see if they can provide any deduction or help for you.

  • amanda bronson
    5 years ago

    hi my name is amanda and i have a 4 yr old daughter and on march 31 of this year my husband passed away. we are not able to receive ant s.s.i. because he didn’t have enough work pionts on his record and i’m having to live with his parents because i can’t afford to get a place of my own and having a hard time with working because i can only find someone to watch my daughter on the weekends so i’m having a very difficult time with everything is there any help out there that i can get

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