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Many single mothers don’t have the time to attend traditional classes. That’s why online school options have become so popular. Through online schools, you’re able to work on assignments when your schedule permits. For many single mothers, this may be the only option of continuing their education. Whether you take online classes through a local community college or simply obtain certifications, you can obtain a higher education online. Here’s what you need to know about finding online school options.

Check Out Local Community Colleges

Many community colleges offer degrees that can be completed 100% online. This allows you to better your education without having to worry about scheduling classes around your already hectic schedule. More importantly, some fees are even waived when attending classes online. Some colleges even offer online registration and online bookstores so that you’ll never have to step foot on campus. What many single mothers love about online community colleges is being able to work on assignments before the kids get up and after they go to bed. In other words, you can do a bit of work here and there without having to sit down for a full hour.

Research Online Universities

There are a number of online universities. However, not all online universities are what they appear to be. You must make absolutely sure that the university you’re applying to is accredited. Without proper accreditation, you could be wasting your time and money. While online universities can be more expensive than community colleges, an accredited university will still have financial aid available. Some may even have payment plans for the expenses that can’t be covered by financial aid.

Take Free Online Classes

If you’d just like to beef up your skills or learn a new trade, such as a graphic design or decorating wedding cakes, there are a number of online classes that are free to take. Even if you just want to learn Spanish to make yourself more appealing to growing businesses, you can find free classes that will help you succeed.

Get Certified Online

Lastly, there are a number of certifications you can earn online. Many of these certifications can be obtained without previous education. For example, you might become certified in word processing or spreadsheets, both of which would be sought after in receptionist and other office-type jobs. You might also choose to add certifications to a previously earned education. For example, if you have a degree in graphic design, you might choose to become certified in HTML or mobile applications.

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