Cheap and Beneficial Legal Advice for Single Moms

Getting free legal counsel for single mothers can be a daunting task and is especially difficult. Sometimes, however – especially in the case of a child custody battle. Legal representation can make the difference between a positive outcome and a negative one.

Hiring a lawyer is expensive, but single moms who don’t have legal training or the benefit of someone who does in her social network can use this. Additionally, This is usually unable to navigate some of the legal tangles in life without professional legal assistance. Fortunately, the legal profession has skilled lawyers who are willing to volunteer their services. Sometimes,  this is pro bono work to individuals, or through a community legal aid organization.

What are My Options As A Mom?

Here are a few resources to get you started down the legal road:

Government Options For Legal Advice for Single Moms

Child Support Services.

These services are free and administered on the behalf of your children. The child support offices have their own teams of lawyers, or they work closely with county and state attorneys to develop the best course of legal action for your case. They will help with DNA testing, overdue child support payments, and other related issues.

Department of Children’s Services.

If you have concerns that your children are being abused by someone or that their rights are being violated in some way, this is the place to go. They can help you in court and will work to ensure the best interest of your children. In the event of abuse or neglect, DCS can act very quickly to remove the child from the situation. Their legal services are free, but keep in mind they are only to handle situations involving the welfare of your children – they don’t handle civil issues. works with these low cost or free organizations and refers people in need of legal assistance to them. The website offers vulnerable people who need help handling their legal affairs. It also links to find local organizations in their communities that can offer legal assistance. The site was built by Pro Bono Net, an organization that has its headquarters in New York . The nonprofit Pro Bono Net partnered with state organizations throughout the country to compile the resources listed.

Basic information that the single mom may need about legal rights, information about courts, local legal assistance resources and self help information that is available locally can be found through following the links on the website.

Also, One of the supporters of Law Help is LSC, Legal Services Corporation. This is an helpful organization that’s a resource whose client base made up overwhelmingly of women.

Can Single Mothers Get Legal Aid?

Look for the number of legal aid in your state or county. Legal aid is often run by several attorneys who do pro-bono work for those who can’t afford the cost of an attorney. They will file motions on your behalf, appear in court with you and work to see that justice is served.

Often a single mom can escape the need for legal assistance just by being empowered with the knowledge of her rights and her recourse options. Speaking up with a firm voice of conviction, backed up by a clear grasp of what is legal and what is not. This can serve to set the foundation to enable a negotiation that is acceptable to both parties. Being able to sort out legal entanglements before they hit the court system is a benefit to all parties involved and also lessens the strain on the legal system.

Legal Services Corporation.

The LSC has over 900 offices around the nation with the intention of helping bring adequate legal services to everyone. Contact the headquarters in Washington D.C. to get more information, or visit their website at

Free Legal Clinic

From Volunteer Attorneys provides 20 minutes free legal consultation and you can find more out them at or email them at

 Courts can Help, too

Your Divorce Attorney.

If you have gone through a divorce, the attorney who handled that might be able to handle your further legal need. This is especially true if they are about child custody. Don’t be afraid to ask the attorney about legal fees.  See if there is any way to make the financial burden easier. You can also pay as you go.

State Bar Association.

You can find out quite a bit of information by asking a few simple questions, and that’s where the State Bar comes in. Additionally, they can provide you with the most up-to-date news on legal aid, legal questions and concerns. Additionaly, they can refer to you to someone in your area who can handle your case.

Which Local Organizations can Help me?

The Local Women’s Shelter.

Women who come to the domestic abuse shelters for help need much more than time to recover from injuries. They need a place to hide from their abusive partner – they need legal advice, and fast. Also, The women’s shelter puts you in touch with lawyers who can help you if you are in an abusive situation.


Additionally, don’t just give up. Find online legal services in your location and call them up and tell them your situation. Many lawyer are willing to help free or lower rate based on your case.

It’s important to remember, however, that some cases require professional legal representation. Use every resource available to find the professional legal assistance you need by researching the organizations that can give you help without ruining you financially.

4 Responses to “Cheap and Beneficial Legal Advice for Single Moms

  • sarah mckenzie
    3 years ago

    I just went to court with my sons father and after 4 years he asked for 50 50, and he was honored that. We both live about an hour and a half away from each other and my son was in preschool full time with a scholarship. Now my sons father is back to threating and demeaning me. Is there a way to get a stipulation from the court stating that I get my son back when he starts kindergarten?

  • I need attorney for help with my separation and child support & taxes. I don’t know what to do I feel like he’s getting alway with a lot of things and I don’t think it’s right because he works and I’m a stay at home mom looking for work. He took the car and haves the money from the taxes in a savings account. I can’t touch it but it haves my name is on the account. Please what can I do. I feel like I can’t do anything because I don’t have a job and But I feel like taking of my kids is a job. P.s I call the cops on him because he had hit me in front of our kids. Please help me.

  • Brittney
    5 years ago

    Hi I need some legal help and I really don’t even know what to do. I am a mother at 19 and a roomate was doing drugs in my apartment and I kicked him out, well he stole my phone and ported the number which is unauthorized because I had no idea what was going on and now I have a 750.00 bill on Sprint, well sprint wont consider it fraud and will not help me even though they have said things to make me believe they would help me. I need help to clear my credit from this monster, he owes me part of rent as well because he lived in my apartment for a month before kicking him out. I really do not know what to do and I was referenced here by another mom who had something similar happen. I need help, and I need it fast.

  • Kathryn
    5 years ago

    I am an 18 yr old single mom. My baby is 6 months and his dad was angry because I wouldn’t let our baby be adopted out. Now he sued for equal visitation and won. I think our baby is too young to go away from me so long of a time. He lives in a small town in Louisiana and took me to court in that town. It was obvious the judge was friends with his family and even referred to one of them as “uncle” in his judgment. The judge acknowledged that I had done an excellent job of taking care of our son and the father had done nothing and provided no support but still gave him equal time. My lawyer says we would just lose if we appeal. Do I just give up and lose my baby every other week?

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