Games as Simple as Bouncing a Ball


Give a couple of kids a ball and they will soon be engrossed in a game. You may not recognize the game because it’s possible that the game has just been invented based on the imagination and abilities of the children involved. Many of the games are very intricate with complicated steps of progression, while others are as simple as how many times the ball can be bounced without a miss. A ball offers the single mom an inexpensive way to keep her kids happy and active.

In the constant search for games and activities to keep our kids active and learning, we often forget how important imagination is to the learning development of our children. In our quest to find the best rated educational games that will teach them skills without them even knowing it, we ignore the benefits of letting them explore the boundaries of their imaginations. Strategic planning, dexterity, physical skills and even math and social skills can all be honed when kids get together and make up their own games with material they have at hand.

Kids spend a lot of time in front of the computer playing games that teach. Most homes have a video game console in addition to the computer. The games teach strategy as well as hone other skills.

Shelves in the home are stacked with games of all types for the family game night and should not be abandoned. In addition to the skills they are created to build, a family game night also brings the family together for necessary quality time.

But the single mom should remember that not all games that teach have to be crafted to a specific market. Learning experiences can be found in every situation. An active imagination can teach a child as well as a game that costs $40.00.

For a real educational gaming experience, give the kids a ball or some empty boxes and stand back as they create their own educational fun.


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  1. I play lots of games with balls with my preschoolers. I have 12 in my group so we sit in a circle and I throw the ball to one and ask a question and then they throw it back. Or they get to throw it to a friend and ask a question. It is a great way for them to talk and gain some large motor skills at the same time.

  2. By spending some time with our children through playing physical games of their interest will make them physically active and healthy.

    • Even if you can’t get them interested in something like this, try sports game on the Wii or the Kinect – the Kinect especially can be an incredible work-out for both you and your kids!

  3. My children love to bounce balls, they will sit on the kitchen floor and bounce them back and forth. They have done this for four hours before, I like that they have something to do in the apartment.

    • I really like those huge ones you can get from places like Target, or even the pilates balls – they’re nearly indestructable!

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