Federal Assistance: The Comprehensive List

The government is not in the habit of giving out money for free, but there are instances where they will do so. You can find a wide range of federal programs for single moms that can fit your needs and help you afford what would otherwise be impossible – a college education.

The government – contrary to popular belief – is a quite useful vehicle in finding financial aid. Federal assistance for single moms can help you to do a lot many things like going back to school, paying rent, buying a home and paying your bills. Make sure you make full use of all the government grants for single moms.

Does the Government Give out Free Money?

A full compilation of all the places you can get government reparations are below:

Pell Grantgovernment help

The federal government does not offer any single-mom specific aid, but it does offer some funding the single moms often qualify to receive. All federal college grant and loan programs start with the FAFSA, an application that determines how strong your financial need is. One of the first type of financial aid to be awarded after filing the FAFSA is often the Pell Grant. These do not need to be paid back and can often award lots of money for single moms looking to go back to school. The Pell fits many single moms’ needs and can award over $5,000 to financially needy students based on certain criteria.

Educational Opportunities for Single Moms

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education

The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant (TEACH) is a federal grant program designed to help future teachers get their education. The grant, which offers up to $4,000 per year, is available to students who plan to teach in low-income districts. If you are looking into education as a career field you can benefit substantially from this federal program for single moms.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity

If you qualify for the Pell Grant and are on the lowest economic end, you may be able to qualify for the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant. This is one of the free government grants for single moms and other economically disadvantaged students that is based solely on the amount of money you have to contribute to your education. The grant amount is between $100 and $4,000 per year.

Non-College Government Assistance for Single Moms

You may see advertisements for free government help for single mothers, particularly if you spend a lot of time online. Be careful about these. Often they are scams, and are just looking to take some of your hard-earned money. There is government help out there to assist you in making ends meet, but it is not in the traditional form. Rather, it is in the form of nutritional and cash assistance. The federal assistance for single moms that is available is almost always for college education expenses, but typically, many single mothers end up qualifying for these programs.

 Federal Assistance for Single Moms for Going back to School

Talbot Scholarship Program – This is very prestigious program that has a long-standing tradition of helping women go back to school and succeed. The prize money for this scholarship is: 1 $30,000 scholarship given in honor of Nancy Talbots, and 30 more $5,000 scholarships.

This scholarship doesn’t discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin or disability. To be eligible for this scholarship you must: be a resident of the United States and must have graduated high school before September 2004. This scholarship always comes around in January. The only other requirement is that you be enrolled in college and attend the whole academic year after you receive the financial aid.

Check out everything you need to know about going back to school with the Talbot Scholarship Program here.

Going Back to College?

Here are some Government Grants:

If you value education and are interested in going back to school to pursue an education, a great scholarship option for you is the Takemoto Mink Foundation which offers education stipends of $5,000 to help low income women go back to school. The program understands how much a single mother value going back to school and that is why this program has been operating yearly for a long time.

To be eligible, you must be at 17 years old and have young children, be enrolled in school for the time you are interested in the award and have an income that is considered “low-income” annually.

Staying Ahead of Housing

Federal Assistance to Buy Your First home and Pay Home Rent

The two best places to start with financial aid if you are looking to buy your first home are HUD and FHA. The HUD is the department of housing and urban development that manages mortgages and other practices related to buying a home. Since this is government funded, there are many types of aid you can receive by calling their office. They offer a lot of help and can help you find an apartment, house or other place to live and will help you fund the place you choose.

The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) helps provide mortgage on loans made by FHA lenders. These loans are provided to single family and multifamily homes and it aims to insure people. It also provides some level of protection against losses because the government backs it up. It aims to also protect the lender in case the seller has to default on their loans.

How can a Single Mother get a Business off its feet?

Federal Programs to check out

Starting a new business while taking care of kids is hard work. Luckily, there are plenty of organizations out there that can help with exactly that.

The best government grant for this kind of thing is the SBA business loan that helps from end to end to provide single mothers with help with the various aspects of finding a business opportunity and making it a reality. The SAB realizes that starting a business isn’t for everyone which is why they are easy to approach and ask questions regarding your endeavors. On their website they have a plethora of free resources that will help you get started initially or even help take your business to the next level.

Paying bills doesn’t have to be hard

Government Assistance for Single Moms for Paying Bills

Paying bills and taking care of all the payments can really take a toll on single mothers. The best aid to help with that is TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and they provide aid to selected families. This assistance is best used towards food, clothing, daycare and paying bills. The grant helps families for a short period of time and is really useful in providing a little boost that you might need to get finances back on track. Each state has a separate TANF program that should be checked out and the eligibility may be different from state to state.


Being single with kids can never be an easy proposition. There are so many things to take care of, rent, food, school, daycare and other household expenses. Despite of having a proper job sometimes it is difficult to make ends meet. However, do not despair as there are innumerable federal programs and grants available for single moms which can help you to live a respectful life.

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