Grants Available for Single Mothers to Find Housing

In actuality, there are almost no grant programs set aside exclusively for single mothers to find housing. There are programs that are funded by grants which make it easier for a single mother to get into a hoe but she will still bear some responsibility for the cost herself. Below are some programs which can help a single mhousingother find housing.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is, in part, responsible for providing adequate housing assistance for citizens. One of the services they offer is counseling on buying and renting homes. If a single mother meets the requirements, she may be able to receive grant money that can be used to pay rent or for paying a mortgage for either an apartment or a house.

State Housing Finance Agency

Your State Housing Finance Agency may not provide grants for housing but they can help you locate housing that is set aside for low income residents. In some cases they may be able to help with the expenses of that housing too. Many states also work with the federal government and have grant-funded housing they can make available to families with low incomes.

Habitat for Humanity

The Habitat for Humanity program is funded by grants and donations from the private sector. A single mother can contact them about assistance in either building or buying a home of their own. They can help you find volunteers to build your home and put you in touch with lenders who provide low interest loans. Most recipients must promise to put in a specified number of hours in building the home as well.

USDA Programs

The USDA offers a number of programs that can help single mothers get into a home of their own.  Rural Housing Direct Loans are 100% financing, funded by the government and can be used for the dwelling, site and construction as long as the property is in a rural area. You can use the funds to repair or relocate an existing home and to establish water and sewer services, too. The Guaranteed Loan Program works for the single mother who needs a home and has the means to pay the mortgage, taxes and insurance along with an acceptable credit score. The Mutual Self-Help Program allows participants to earn “sweat equity” that can be used toward their own home by helping to build their own home and those of others. A group is put together and they help build each other’s homes in this program and it can save participants as much as 50% off the cost of a new home.

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  • I’m a single parent living with 3 very good friends in an extremely small effeciancy living space. So small in fact I literally have to go outside to change my mind. Its getting to the point where 1 Of my friends & I would love to have our own place so that all of our 5 kids can come visit & would be able to move in if they choose to, however if that cannot be arranged Id still love to be able to get & maintain & keep my own single family home/farmhouse. I jus want to be out in the country somewhere private & secluded yet somewhere very close to public transportation & etc……Its jus way too much stress having to live here everyday of our lives, this is definetly not how I planned to live rest of my life. We both suffer from severe anxiety/depression/mental illness etc & having to live here with 2 very obsessive hoarders is not helping matters match, Can anyone possibly help us?/Me? Someway somehow very soon?? Please let me know of anyway anyone can. we both appreciate it. We are both single parents & both of us are also unemployed unfornetly as well with none of our own vehicle & no way to get anything other than food on food stamps. I’m a professional freelance photographer (in desperate need of a new Professional camera also. Please help us ty

  • shelly hancher
    3 years ago

    I have applied for section 8 voucher program… have been told there is a waiting list, when will they be offered again? I am a single mother of two school aged childern I’m currentlyin school full time and work part time but I need help asap. Please let me know what to do

  • Shawntell stockman
    3 years ago

    I need help trying to find assistance for housing. Iam a single parent

  • Terri Caffey
    4 years ago

    Single mom with multiple sclerosis and need some time to myself, but cannot afford babysitters

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