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Programs For Single Mothers

Support for single mothers are everywhere, if you know where to look! Finding them can be a challenge because you have to sort through such a large and diverse pool of information to get to what you’re looking for. But don’t get discouraged! Single mom grants are available for many different things, and odds are, you can find one that can fulfill your particular financial assistance needs. There are government help, college, housing help, non-profit program, and they all cover a wide range of needs. Each type is different, so it’s best to understand all the qualifications and details of each one you apply to so you can find out which ones will meet your needs and which ones you are eligible for.

Where to find help?

There are a multitude of places that grants for single mothers can be found. Many are offered through the government. If you are trying to find a grant that is offered by the government, contact government agencies and see which ones are offered for you. There are also many federal agencies that might offer help in your state. is a government owned website with a database of financial aid offered and who to contact to get a hold of the particular type of financial aid. You can search “government help for single parents” on the actual website and fill out your information and provide your email address so that they can contact you if you needed.

How to Apply for State Programs?

Most government support program  have a very simple questionnaire that you need to fill out to verify your eligibility. Fill out your information clearly so that contacting you in the future will also be easier. Make sure to read the requirements and other things before beginning the application process. Before you apply, a smart idea would also be to contact someone, via phone or email, and just understand the terms and how it can help you. For example, if you need a student loan, apply to and they will keep your information in a database that can also be used in the future.

Government Program For Mom

The federal government offers many state program for single mothers for a variety of different needs. support for education, food and nutrition, housing small businesses, and many other types of government help can be found. One of the important things to remember about grants is that there are eligibility requirements. Depending on the type of government grant you are applying for, the eligibility requirements will be different, so taking the time to find out if you are eligible will save you time in the long run. That way, you won’t end up filling out applications for financial help that you are not eligible for. The federal information for single moms that might be more well-known are education grants, like the Pell Grant, and housing support, such as the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

The federal government isn’t the only place you can look to. The state you live in is also a good resource to look for some assistance programs. The grants you find may be more abundant when it comes to areas that are generally managed at the state level, such as state funded education, food and nutrition, and transportation. They also offer other forms of financial assistance that can be extremely helpful for single moms who may need assistance that is not covered by specific money that is awarded.

There are also many other local non-profit organizations that you can find for help as well. For example, the Single Moms Outreach program is local to a city is California and they provide a lot of local help for the residents in their neighboring cities. Many of these non-profits are easier to find help from and are more generous in the help they are able to give as they are not backlogged with too many applicants. If you are looking for a quick and easy assistance program, finding something local many be the best way to go.

Another great type of single mom grant is business help. There are business support available for single mothers to start a new business. These types of grants help with starting up a business and provide money for the business to get on its feet. These are a lot harder to get because of the profuse amount of help that they help with. It is important to be patient with these types of grants as well. Remember, the more planned and thought out your business is, the easier it will be to get money for your business.

College Support for Mom

Even though it may seem like college financial help are only available to students who are right out of high school, there are education scholarships for single moms as well. Many college offers needful support  for single mothers and scholarships are available specifically to non-traditional students, which puts single mom students right at the top of the list. Just like any other form of assistance, college support have requirements for qualification. Often, these requirements are based on financial need, but some may have other requirements that are more specific to an applicant’s background or location, so it’s always best to make sure you qualify before actually applying.

Education assistance will also vary as to how much money is awarded. So, taking the amount into consideration might also be helpful when searching for and choosing which programs to apply to. But even programs that do not award as much financial aid as others can still be useful for single moms who want to go back to school. Every little bit helps when it comes to financial aid, so even if the grant awarded by one program you are considering is smaller than another program’s award, it may still be a good idea to apply for it if you meet the qualifications.

Housing Program for Mom

Housing can be one of the hardest to pay for. Therefore, housing information for single moms can be useful. They are also very high in demand. Often they can be very hard to find. However, there are some very nice organizations that help. For example, an organization to try out is the HIP (Housing Initiative Program). They can surely help you out.

 Housing Support for single mothers are in high demand, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get one. They are open to single mothers because many of them are on a strict income and affordable housing is not always easy to find. There are information for housing repairs as well as programs that help with purchasing a home—for example, helping with the down payment on a home. When you begin looking at buying a home, a realtor may be able to look into housing help for single mothers as well, so it never hurts to ask. The government offers housing assistance in the form of grants and other programs, but other organizations also offer housing assistance for single moms. Non-profit organizations, or NPOs, are another option to consider when searching for housing assistance programs.

Single Women Help

There are lots of good resources for women that can be used for many different things. When it comes to finding them, one of the best search strategies is to identify what it will be used for or what circumstances make your situation unique.  These can help you narrow down the search so that you will not end up with so many search results that you don’t know what to do with them. Scholarships and grants for women for education are easily found through many universities who want to encourage diversity in various academic fields. But there are specific ones for single moms, childcare, for women who have a disability, for domestic abuse victims, and other circumstances as well. As with all applications, qualifications apply, but since one of the requirements for applying is that the applicant is female, single moms will always meet that eligibility requirement.

Single mom help is available for a variety of different financial needs. When you’re looking for them, it’s best to be as specific as you can in your search. If you want housing grants, you should search specifically for them. There is so much information that you may get overwhelmed if your search is too broad. No matter what you may need it for, if you do your research, there are enough options available that you can find financial assistance in some form that can help you ease the financial burden that comes with being a single mother.

Office of Family Assistance

OFA Monitors several key federal  programs, some of the key ones are TANF and during this course they have helped more 30,000 low income families providing education and resource to low income individuals and Women. If you are looking for help Family assistance program can help you there are multiple programs in different cities throughout the country,like for help in state like California or New York, just choose your state and find the programs available close to you city [ref]Assistance for Children and Families (ACF) ACF[/ref]

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  1. Hello, i am a single mother of two girls, i got pregnant with my oldest daughter when i was 15 and had her when i was 16. With the help of family and friends i stayed in school and graduated. I was with her father until i got pregnant with my second daughter when i was 22. I got an apartment at a low income apartment complex which was really rundown. I lived there and eventually enrolled into college and worked a part time job to pay bills and get us by. I did recieve financial aid but also had to resort to student loans to get by. I graduated recieved my degree and am working a full time job and raising my two daughters. I recently bought my own home which was a big accomplishment. I recieve no child support and its starting to get really tough with all of my bills. My question is, is there anything out there that would help pay student loans for single mothers?

  2. Hello, im megan. Im 21 and a single mother of 2 1/2 yr old twins and a 4 1/2 yr old.. I had to drop out of high school.. Im currently taking the alternative g.e.d tests.. I wanna go to college. But I dont have the funds nor the help. Ive been looking everywhere for gants.. Etc. im lost. I really want to go to school to make things better for my babies. I do it all alone on a part time minum wage job. Ive signed up for housing. Ccpo.. Everything. So any help would b appriciated . Info is what im searching for. Not anything more. Please contact me at… Thank you

  3. I have recently started school for a Medical Assistant program that will end in Sept of 2012.I was a retail store manager and got demoted down to an sales lead.In order to keep my current management position I would have had to quit school or went with a different program that had less hrs. I currently live an hr and a half away form school.I am a single mom of the most amazing 3yr old!! I have chosen a different career due to the amount of hrs I have with my son!I am doing this for him!!I want to be there for him when he gets off the bus and offer him the best life I can offer! I am currently trying to fined ways to find an apartment or home and apply for help!My ex pays for nothing for him and I have thus far put him in school and always carried him on my health insh. What programs should I be looking for?

  4. Bibek siwakoti on

    Hi all i am cotacting this website many times i didn’t get any help yet i am single son of my mom but i can’t do any things for my mom to cure her cancer she is on the bed because of serious cancer and main problem of it we are very poor i don’t have little money even to buy medicine so please help me little if anybody can as fast as possible

  5. i am a single mother who is unemployed at the moment,to makes matters worst where i share rent we are not welcome,the lifestyle is very unhealthy for my son and i,we have no money and nowhere to go,can’t afford to get our own space,i need help please….

  6. akatiah faustina on

    Hello im a mother of two and a college student from Ghana who
    needs your help badly because I have being on streets with My
    children for the pass two years no money to take accomadation
    and my education. Thanks

  7. Im 40yrs old & i receive disability benefits thats my old source of income. I hace a 16 yr old who was diagnosed w/ SLE lupus in august 2011, 4 days after she got her drivers licenses. My living expenses was increased highly. Im behind on everyrthing i need help. Someone please give me the name of some websites that can help me.

  8. Hi my name is Alexis and I am soon to be 19 and currently 28 weeks pregnant with my first child(daughter). I currently live with family friends but they are losing their house so we all need to be out of here by March 1. I live in a suburb of Chicago. They are moving to Minnesota and unfortunately I cannot go with them. I have no family and no one to help shelter or support me or my baby, and none of my “friends” are willing to help me or even shelter me until I can get on my own feet. I am currently looking for work and DO have an interview set up in 10 days for a seasonal position, even though I am a high risk pregnancy due to having Epilepsy. The only money I have or will have until I find a job, will be at most $500 from my tax return. I am desperately looking for financial help. I already recieve medicaid and SNAP benefits, but Section 8 in my area is closed for an undisclosed time due to whatever compacity being met already. I tried to apply for TANF benefits but was denied 3 times. I even went so far as to look into every womens shelter in my area. They are all at capacity! So for now I’ve been put on a waiting list for if/when a bed opens up that I can take. I don’t know what else to do or where else to seek assistance. Is there anyone that can help me or direct me somewhere that I can get help? Please… I am very desperate. I don’t know what else to do anymore…… If there’s anyone out there that is reading this and can help.
    Thank you all for your time!!

    • Hey Alexis
      I am not sure if you have found assistance yet but you can try a program called Nurses for Newborns. I wish you and your baby girl the best. Keep your head up and pray.

  9. Please help. I am a single Mother to 3 beautiful children. About 5 years ago I took college courses at night trying to better myself. My parents helped by babysitting. I was told I was unable to get grants yet I was not sure why. The college persuaded me to take out loans which I did. I am now in a crisis because I will never be able to pay them back. I already paid a significant amount but feeding and clothing my children is my priority. Come to find, my credit has been attacked by creditors seeking payment for these loans. PLEASE HELP! I am in a serious crisis.

    • So Sorry to hear that Gina,
      You can try the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and the DHS (Department for human services). I hope they can provide you with some help further along.

  10. Hi i have a two year old son and i am a single mother im not employed right now i have try so hard looking for jobs and now i need a home for my son and my son because in three weeks we goona be on the streets

  11. Hello
    My name is ashley, I just tured 18 and I’m in despret need of a place to call home. I have an 8 month little boy who is my whole world. Who I want to give the verry best to and. There for I hate my current situation I have no family my mom is locked up n I never knew my dad so I hav no support what so ever me and my babys dad broke up a while back due to a whole lot of fighting and I was staying here & there with my little boy till recently. I was forced to move back with him because every one else just wanted to use me or steal what little me and my son had so now we are back here and how I have no job or place to saty he throws in my face that I’m an orphan & that he is going to kick me out because we countinue fighting and I don’t understand y due to the fact that I have his son
    So if possible can any one give advice so I can get out of this awful place so I can be happy jut me & my son thak you

    • Hey
      Nurses for Newborns is a great program and I hope this can help you. This program helped me a lot. I do think that this program can help you financially and mentally because having the problems that you are having can be very stressful for you which is not good for you or the baby. Wish you the best.

  12. I am a widow now of two years with a 4 yr old little girl. I need to find help with housing desperately. I recently saw a social worker to help my daughter with dealing with her fathers death and bad behavior issues and they said I need to get out of my toxic living situation now that is what is causing my daughters Psych issues. I live with a lot of family in a very small space and the relationships in the house are horrendous but I cannot afford housing on my own I have tried some resources but all they are interested in is me going to school before they give me info on housing assistance.Please help I am desperate to help me and my little girl have a normal healthy life.

  13. ayeth-philippines on

    Hello ,

    Iam a single mother with two illegitimate kids, i was been terminated at my work .. I need help
    personally in our country no law on this matter..I hope can help me

  14. I see a lot of people asking for help and they’re being referred to the department of welfare. What is a single mother to do when welfare turns her down? I work making 11.53ph and they won’t give me foodstamps, that’s all I’m asking for and it’s can’t be granted that, no bueno! I pay over $900 a month for rent and my utilities are always behind because I’m neglecting one to pay the other. I’m at a breaking point and don’t know what to do? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
    I’m willing to work an at home job, I’m already in school and working a full time job, but the sites I’ve found and investigated are all shams! smh…is this the American dream?

  15. Hi my name is daisy i am 18 years old and have a 5 month old son. i am a single mother the father of my son is not around. I need help, alot of help. as of right now i am living in a 2 bedroom apartment which includes my mother , my 2 sisters , my aunt and her 2 kids and another cousi she has no were to go but her. weve been living with my aunt for about 1 year alrdy . my mother got evicted from the apartment we used to have. But now we are here for another year. well i really need help with money. my mother does not support my son. i am in the wic program so that helps me with food. the cloths my son wears is all passd down to me from friends that have there own children. i am very thankful for my friends for doing that but also for wic. the priblem is that my mother wants me to move out since iam 18. my mither does not help me out at all. ny father gives me just enough for dipers. i barely have xloths for myself i practically have only 2 jeans and ect. i really want to move out. its to crowdt here. theres to many people. we have to share one bed. sometine i have to sleep on the floor with my son. i really need help with sone type of money. just enough to get a small apartment for myself and my son. the deposit and the first months rent and enough for a small bed for my son and i. once i get that ill be searching for a job. im already lookin but no one really is hireing and im just depressed cus my mons kicking me out and i have no where to go pkease help me out. please. ! i really need this

  16. I usually never express my frustration online, but after years of struggling and endlessly searching without hope, I can not help but vent. I am a single mother, who works full-time, and attends college full-time. I have been blessed to have my parent (my mother especially) to assist me through the difficult times, but I am frustrated in how our government gives so much to those who have nothing and sometimes choose to remain there due to the ridiculous assistance they receive: Section 8, food stamps, financial assistance, medical assistance, free cell phone, free vehicle, pet vouchers, etc., etc., and then there are those of us who fall between the cracks. I own my house and have struggled paying increasing utilities, taxes, insurance for years now. There is NO help for those of us who qualify for housing assistance because we do not make much (under 2g) but own our homes, yet if I transfer my deed to my parents and then rent from them, then they will pay my rent or a portion!! Does that make any sense for those of us who are attempting to be a productive member of society? The system makes it easy for people to remain in the system. Another example, I need help for the first time EVER this year with childcare while I am at work. Although I saw a letter online from the state to my county that the childcare proposal was approved, when I called DSS they stated that their department has not received the funding due to a deficit in the budget. How sad. Take from those who are trying to give to those who are not. I know everyone does not abuse the system, but I know of many who do without hesitation. It’s frustrating.

  17. I am a mother of three children. I get them every other weekend, spring break, christmas break, thanksgiving, and all summer. Is there a program to help me?

  18. Brenda Walters on

    need a car if anyone can help! Im stuck with a bad car thats not safe and still owe money on it!! I left a comment earlier that im single with a 13 year old an d on disability. Were having a hard time making it and my two older children are wanting me to help them too! Their dad is not helping and has never paid child support!! I have been raising my 13 year old by myself for 13 years!! I don’t want to pay the rest of the money I owe on that bad car that I bought! It is a 2002 dodge stratus and with all the repairs on it and being refianced 3 times I still owe like 7 thousand!! It should have been paid off two years ago!! OMG help!!!

  19. hello there

    maybe someone will hear me… i’m a mother too, i have a baby girl, now 2 years old, i’m a single mom, maybe someone can help me, please.. i need 2000 $ to pay my bills, if i don’t pay them, i must just die… no one can help me now, but maybe someone will hear – please, write me on my email adress , please, HELP… as you can… thank you…

    • I suggest you try out some grants for single mothers and some other ways of assistance that is specific for your state. Surely something will come up in which you will find some aid for yourself and your daughter.

  20. Hi i have two teenagers my son is 16 & daughter is 14. My daughter has been getting bullied for 3yrs. I once again reported it friday, which cause 4 women not kids attack her kick her in the face cut her arm i feel helpless due to being a single mom on ssi yes i get help sec 8 foodstamps i have tumors & nerve damage in my back so i cant work. What do u say to your child who begs me to plz take her away from our home with a bruised face & cut fat lip. After bills i have no extra money its spring vacation & all she does is sleep & cry. Who could help me. I looked every where! I dont know where to turn i tried police counselers, school. You name it i tried it plz help me help her i feel lost . I have no family to take her to for a few days & after the attack she is scared of everyone so camp is out. I have no car i need help plz

  21. I am soon to b homeless with my 14yrs old soon…I need help ASAP someone out there please us…if I could get an affordable 1 broom or assistance living with someone I would greatful appreciate it. I have been struggling all my life with him and I don’t mind cause he is doing excellent in school. Please someone help us. I really don’t want to b on the streets. Thank u. God bless

  22. Hello, i’m hoping that this site can help me and my 7 year old son. I’m a single mom working in a government but i was left alone and rearing my son 7 years ago. Since then I am working to make for a living. Its so hard but i have to work for it… As i search for a job to other country online. i feel so happy when i read this grant. I hope your a blessing for me. I need your help for me and my son. Please grant me job and scholarship,cash and Housing please. just send me an email how to apply. I am a filipina in a low class family.

  23. Hi. I am a 51 year old single mom with a 12 yr old daughter. I left New York State about a month ago to move to Texas. I have to leave because of domestic violence (not always physical- financial, emotional). I divorced my husband in February, 2012. I live with my oldest daughter and her family, but I have always been independent. I worked up until Jan, 2012 as a home health aide. I’ve been in the nursing field for 14 years. Now I’m unemployed, may have lost all my possessions through a moving company, and don’t want to be a burden on my oldest daughter and her family. I’m so depressed about this and don’t know where to turn. I’m in tears right now. If anyone can help me find any help, please let me know.

  24. sasha youmans on

    I’m 24 with 2 kids I have a felony and its very hard to find a job.I’m trying so hard to be an adult and take responsibility for my actions. I have no car and pushing 2 kids in a stroller to look for a job is very hard. Please we need help

  25. I am seeking financial assistance in the amount of $2400 for help in keeping my car. I was working in the Atlanta, Georgia when my company began downsizing and laying off. I am a casemanager by trade and have interviews for jobs, and feel confident that I will be able to get a job within the next two months. I am having difficulty with getting up money for my car payment which is $380 per month. I also need money for other bills which total $2400 for the months of both april and may. This will give me breathing room so to speak as I search for new employment. If someone can help, please let me know.

  26. I am a single mom and I work full time on the ambulance. We have always done ok but am struggling right now to pay the bills. I want to go back to school to get my rn degree so that I can give my son a better life. (if i dont get a better job we will always just get by and nothing will change for the better) I know once I get into school I can receive a pell grant to help with cost of classes but I’m afraid of not being able to pay all the bills while going to school. (rent, electric, gas) … Any advise on how to make this possible will be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows of any assistance on how to get help through this hard time now of struggling with bills please let me know. I have one son. Do Not receive child support. And after talking with family services they said that we just got approved for $150 in food stamps but that is all. (I’m a hard worker so is hard for me to ask for help) Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • I suggest you apply for TANF (Temporary assistance for needy families) to help with other payments while you are in school. take a look and see f they can help you out while you are pursuing your education.

  27. I am a 24 year old single mother. My daughter just turmed three. Her father has not been in the picture her whole life. I have been living with my parents since she was born because we all thought it would be best if I got to stay home with her for the first few years. Now I am trying to go back to school, or find a job so that we could move out on our own, and start our own life together. My problem is I have no money for school, and I have applied everywhere around town for a job, but have yet to find one. My other problem is that I have noone to watch my daughter. My parents refuse to watch her for longer than an hour, and its getting to the point that I think they might kick us out because of all the money problems they are having. I just dont know what to do anymore. Ive been looking everywhere for a way out of our problems, but have yet to find a solution. please if anyone that is reading this has any ideas on how to help me please email me. I would be open to any ideas at this point. thank you and God Bless.

    • You should look into some specific housing grants so you and your daughter can find a place to live. Also, maybe try TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and see if that will help you guys.

  28. Hello, I’m 18 years old and I’m a mother to a one year old daughter. I currently live with my parents, which is fine for right now. but I don’t have a job and I can’t provide for my daughters food and clothing needs. granted i do get some child support, it still doesnt seem to be enough. I don’t know what to do.

  29. It’s unfortunate we have to turn to our government for help and they cut all the programs that are for low income families. These are a few things I learned from other women in need. For section 8 or low income housing or apartments you have to go to the smaller cities and counties they always help quicker than inner city, if you are able to get it live there for the year and then transfer it to where you want to live. Find out about shelters, go stay in one that help you get housing, everything is temporary, but it help you get the resources you need.

  30. Hello to you and may you all be blessed.
    My name is Ebboni, I to am a single mother of three 17, 9, and 3. I have my owen small business that I opned to provide for my children and I. People so times think just because I have my own small business that I have cash coming out of the air and this is so far from being true. I work very hard all week long and there are weeks where I don’t even make a dollar. At this time because my business is so new when money comes in I have to pay it right back out. To get to the point my minivan died on me today on my way to work. I have no money saved up and I bring my 3 year old son to work with me everyday. I need a car so very badly my car was my life line to my business. Please SOS HELP

  31. Hello everyone.i need help i am a single 47 year old mom and i am in desperate need of money.i have five children and my life is just full bad luck nothing ever god right for me.just i want help my son but i don’t have money. please everyone, everybody’s to help me.i need 14700$ for my son operation.can help me somebody.

  32. Hello everyone.i need help i am a single 47 year old mom and i am in desperate need of money.i have five children and my life is just full bad luck nothing ever god right for me.just i want help my son but i don’t have money. please everyone, everybody’s to help me.i need 14700$ for my son operation.can help me somebody.

  33. Hi,
    Im a single mother of my 3 yr old daughter, her father does not support her nor ask to see her. i lost my job due to a foot injury non work related and wasnt able to find another job to work around my daughters school schedule. not having any help is very difficult. i have a goal of being a kindergarten teacher, but money is a set back. if anyone has any recommendations on how to apply for help with grants please heeelppp!!

  34. Well I’ve tried applying for “grants for single moms” and I was asked to buy stuff! This is a way for them to make money and get our information so they can harass us for future donations. I don’t have a problem donating to a cause but being harassed for it is not the way to get it. Especially from single moms just barely making a living.

    • Yes, I know what you mean. It is very important that you are looking on legitimate websites, such as government (.gov) or (.edu). Most times, they shouldn’t ask you for anything.

  35. ainike mtoto on

    iam a34years a single mother from kenya have been struggling with my two children since my husband left m. please help m atleast to start a business to help my children. thanks God blrss

  36. am not a US citizen, a single mother of two and live in africa uganda. can i also apply for these grants or am not eligible

  37. jessica blackaby on

    Hello, I am a single mother of a two year old little girl, my husband walked out on us- I am going to school and I don’t want to lose my house. All the money I get is my GI bill and my service connected disability. I need to refinance my home, but they want me to pay off some debt first, where should I start? what should I do?


  39. .I have a 3 year old son who has asthma,allergies,eczema, and other non life threathing problems.I am living with my parents who are being a negative influence on him.When i say negative,i mean when i tell my son to clean up his mess,my parents intervene and make me clean up and reward him with watching tv or giving him chocolates.I want to teach my child right from wrong but with my parents,its impossible.I always end up arguing with my parents and always get lashed out by them saying “why did you have him”, or other comments which are very hurtful.It has come to a point where my son doesn’t listen to me at all.He always run to the grandparents who have turned him against me in everyway possible.All i hear from them is “take parenting classes,he’s only a child”.How can i be a parent if they don’t let me be a parent to my own child.They are very bad role models.My ex keeps lying to me by giving me hundred excuses for giving very little child support even though he works.
    I want to move out from my parents home but i have no job.I finished grade 12 but didn’t receive a diploma.My parents have always been so negative towards me,discouraging me from everything.I’m afraid if i live here with them,i’m either going to fall into depression or lose my child who won’t respect me as his mother at all.I don’t want to end up onthe streets with a child.

  40. I’m a single mother of 3. I am not what the government would consider “low income” but I also take care of my mom and her bills. I am looking for help for my son who is 20 to go to college. And maybe some help with my moms house that we live in which is falling apart and I cant catch up because something is always breaking.

  41. I really dont know where to fiance just recently died and we had a child together who is 6 years of age. we’ve always wanted to get married but because we lived on his diabilitie (ssi) check it was never enough to do other than pay our bills. i was not able to work for i had to take care of them both.we’ve lived together for 10 years and now that he’s died i find myself as a single mom with no income to pay my bills. everywhere i turn they tell me there out of funds i cant even get my car on the road for i cant pay my insurance, tags. and due to him getting ssi our daughter is not entittled to anything. the pain alone of missing him is unbearable and I’ve been looking for work but because theres no work ive had no luck at all. i do qulafy for food stamp, medicaid. but i need help with my rent, lights and car. please direct me in what dirrection to about to be evicted and no where to go and no money.

  42. I am a single mother of a 4 yr old and a 4 month old. i had to drop out of high school and want to go to this trade school for tattooing and don’t have the money what kind of grant could i receive if i can receive one?

  43. am a single mom who needs financial aid to raise her child,it has been a struggle until i came to this site and i need some help in finding the correct site to look,i dont know which forms to fill to get help.please assist.Godbless.

  44. hallo
    I am Nelly, I have worked since 5 years ago at NGO, but I can not rise the money. last year i try to study to higher education. but i found trouble. I have two children who need money also to school so it is very difficult for me to continue my study. I realize if i pursue higher education it should need much money but without go to study i can’t get good job in my country. However it will be good for my children in future. but now I am constrained by the cost of tuition and research so I could not finish my study. for additional information, I live in Indonesia. I’ve been trying to find a scholarship, but to no succeed, Can I get extra tuition assistance from this program??

  45. Help! I’m about to be garnished over a debt I thought was paid?! I’m a single mother of a 10mo old little baby boy, I drive a car that’s barely safe, and we have to share a bedroom at my parents house! I’m 25, too old for this! I’ve been working hard at saving & trying to get out of debt so I can take care of my son, but every time I turn around something happens. I had $700 in the bank and saving actually backfired and now it’s being garnished on a debt I thought was taken care of 4yrs ago!!!! I’m confused, have bills due, and my account is frozen now! My parents can’t afford to help, just me living here is a burden on them. Any ideas on getting out of this debt as quickly as possible are welcome. I owe maybe $15,000 over all and I do work almost full-time make $8.35/hr, but I don’t get child support….

  46. Am a single mom lost my job one year ago and this has affected my 18year old gal to join college and do Nursing Course which is her passion. Am not having any financial assistant at the moment and am still looking for job.

    How can you help sponsor my gal to join Nursing College.How can you help me look for a job

    God bless

  47. Hi.I am a single mom of 16 years.I am 35 years of age.I have been diagonsed w many health problems,in process of trying to get disability.I have a blood clot in brain,been through menopause at age of 20′s..leading to osteporosis to high fratility risk,degentrive bone loss in neck,3 buldging disks in cervical spine.I had a grant for college.Due to the blood clot and dr appts,treatments I got way behind causing me to quit.I have tried collecting child supp frm atty gen. No luck.The non cust. dad owes apx $34,000 in arrears.I am trying to get disability.Im currently on housing and foodstamps.Trying to come up with monthly electric bill is a big struggle. I have no family that helps me.I have no car and nearest store/town is apx 20 miles away. Can you please tell me what i can do or what to apply for in assistance in getting a vehicle. I have bad credit so leasing a car is not an option.

  48. I’m a single mom of five with two kids that have health issues I work part time now and need help finding a better place to live for my kids and also be able to get help on my rent. I have tried section8 also housing list are closed. Any suggestions???

  49. i am a single mom with joint custody. my children are 8yrs and almost 7yrs old. i do have a job and work at a police dept. i am wondering what help i can get in buying a home. any advised would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  50. Hello. I’m a single mother of three beautiful bright young girls. I have always wanted to own my own home and since I don’t get child support for my children and my youngest has so many health issues poor thing its not easy to save money toward our goal. I do get help with my rent from section 8 which I am so grateful for, but we need a place of our own that we don’t bother our neighbors or them bother us. We have had to move so many times due to health issues and landlords not fully willing to fix issues that would normally not bother someone that was healthier. We need a house that can have special preparations to help prevent some our these issues. What would I need to look for specifically to better my chances of receiving a grant?

  51. isabel medina on

    Hi, i am a single mother of three (2 boys and 1 girl). i need help on paying all my bills and would really love to go back to school. i work full time but the money is not enough, because i have to pay rent and bills, as well as child care. please i reallly need the help..

    thank you
    isabel medina

  52. I heard one scholar mention the above quotation and comment that most people misunderstood it.

    These are also available for out-of-state high achieving women.

    I had read about the Sturgis Fellowship at the University of
    Arkansas, and decided to give it a try.

  53. Ana M. de los Reyes on

    Do these grants apply for women that live in Puerto Rico? I live in Puerto Rico, and would like to know which institutions give grants to women that live in Puerto Rico. Thank you! Ana

    • These are mostly directed towards people that live in the United States, but you are more than welcome to check and see if it will work in your country as well!

  54. I wanted to know of the grant that is for single mothers in Georgia… ive done the websites entries, and know what school I wna go to… I just need the right info.. any answers?

  55. i have a concern i am being contacted by a person that tells me that i have received a grant of 10,200. i dont ever remember filling out a form for a grant. they are also charging me $1.92 to gain acces to this grant. is this a scam it sounds like a scam to me. i am very confused and concerned, these people knew all my info…….

    • Sounds quite scammy. You shouldn’t have to pay anything extra to receive a grant. Chances are if you paid them, they would have your credit card + more info. I wouldn’t trust this website.

  56. I am single mom of two, my kids they really good students, I work so hard to help them, I never asked for any help, I like to be economic independent, but today I need to move from where I am living, I pay a lot rent, that was a shooting front to where I live, my two cars were shots,, I don’t have many to move but the police told me look for help I move soon as possible for the safety of us. please any body can help I need information How get help. Thanks

  57. Single mother of 4 with the oldest one being 18 and already accepted to Adams State University. She and her cousin have been working on getting her FASFA and Pell grants in place along with the Scholarships that she has received. we are getting down to the wire to come up with the money she will need for her books and the remainder of her tuition for the first semester that the previous mentioned won’t cover. I work 50-60 hours a week at 9 an hour and have a Student loan of my own that I am having a hard time covering with the day to day expenses. I am in need of some kind of information in regards to a loan or something that will help me get my daughter at least taken care of for the first year. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. God Bless!!

  58. I’m in need of a grant to assist me with child care. My duaghter is four and I’m having difficulty in obtaining state funding.

  59. As a single mother who has worked all her adult life,and has always paid a ton of rent to many different homes.Mother of two,daughter who is in military and son in fifth grade.I have always provided a good home and food for my children.With the occupation of healthcare.Recently have decided that I should consider purchasing a home so my son could finally have a dog…so far I have been turned alway from any assist that could make this possible.The area in Maryland that we live are very close minded to rent to own.,and any help from the social services is not possible if u are working,they only help if you don’t work and have a bunch of kids.My credit is low to nothing due to hospital bills,with no health insurance.In my mind I always paid out for material things .That was a mistake because,It backfired with owning hospital bills,so is there such help for my hope to purchase a home instead of renting forever….

  60. I’m a 33 yr single mom of two boys 8 & 11 & will be going on divorced for 6 yrs. I work fulltime and go to school fulltime except took semester off for once. I do not like asking for help at all and I already get financial aid with unsub and sub loans. I’m going to school for nursing to make a better life for us. I do not get child support for at time of divorce I didn’t have a lawyer no money to pay for one. I barely make ends meet and need help wherever I can for little bit. Please help.

  61. I am single mom to a 4 year old boy. I have been divorced for just over a year, and separated for just over three years. I currently work full time, and have spent the past year renting to own our own home. I currently do not receive court ordered child support, as no one knows where my ex is. I was hoping to start paying on my student loan this year, but now find myself in the middle of a lawsuit for our home. I am hoping to find some kind of assistance with paying off my student loan.

  62. i am a single mother of two grown boys and a 16 yr. old son. I lost my income of $500 about 5 months ago from my son’s father. He had to have emergency surgery and the doctor told him that he will not be able to work again and that he needs to get on disability. i am in such a bind right now. i am a $1,000 behind with my rent and have at times been ove $2,000 behind. I really need some assistance paying my rent until his disability goes through if than. I am also trying to go back to school online to better myself. I also need help with a computer. any help or advise you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  63. I’m a single mom working a full time job, &living on my own. Been divorced for 2 years. I’m barely making ends meet. As is right now I can’t afford to have my heat turned back on due to high deposit. Its 30° right now in my state. I’m using heaters but they aren’t the greatest. My mom helps me with what she can but right now can’t help. Everywhere I’ve called in the past has told me I don’t qualify due to making too much & having joint custody of my daughter. Idk where to go or what to do. Its only the beginning of winter to pay the amount to get heat turned on will take almost all of my 2 weeks worth of pay check.

  64. My name is Melice Kazoba I’m a Tanzania single mom aged 24 years old. In my life I met hard situation that caused me or force me to find help. And my aim is to find the college support

  65. Hello Mrs.Denise my name is Merlinda I have 4 beautiful children and I have custody of my 15 teen year old niece she just got diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and my son age 15 teen recently had open heart surgery which is the hardest thing a mother and aunt can go threw as being a single mother!I have been tring so hard to keep my credit study,But it’s so hard with 2 sick kids and tring or should I say barely keep up with my bills But it is so hard to find Funding to buy or even get into a foreclosed home if your credit isn’t excellent.But I am going to keep praying and by the grace of GOD my dream will come true!Have a blessed day.

  66. I am a single mom of three. I have done this for 15 years . We have moved so many times. I know my kids are not happy cause we have to live with people. We really need some help.

  67. any other SM’s in Orange County /S. Ca that want to just find support,
    friendship, maybe childcare help elementary age..nang out with someone
    that get’s the challenge of doing this, pls get in touch

  68. Ronecia Johnson on

    I am a single mom of three I been on my job for 6 1/2 years a supervisor. I was 2 months late paying rent now my landlord sent me a eviction notice I have 7 days to move. On top of that my truck got repo in the same week now I don’t have no way to work. I am crying out for help from Alabama where I from they only help mothers that don’t want to work and just live for free. But because I have income coming in I don’t qualify for help.

  69. Hello.
    Trying to seek any advice. I am a single mother of two. I do not receive child support (owed close to 15 thousand). Attended college for over seven years (changed major many times) owe close to eighty thousand in loans. Cannot find a job that pays all the monthly expenses. Searching for help in every way. Work two jobs and have been singled out because I basically don’t fit in, if that makes sense. Have bad credit, cannot file bankruptcy. Have very few resources. Thank you for any advice.

  70. Hi! I’m looking of at all possible to get a grant to go back to high school! I’m 25, and never graduated! Due to babysitting issues and some other things, I’m unable to go to GED classes to learn what needs to be learned, to get the test! 200$ is a lot of money to pay for the GED tests before I know what I’m testing on, so I feel as a mother or 3, it would be much easier to do highschool classes online while being able to take care of my babies as well! Is this even possible?

  71. My full name is Mwanahawa H.Maganga, a Tanzanian single mom aged 30 years old. In my life I met hard situation that forced me to search help. please help me what to do so that I can access grant from HIP so that to serve my life my kid.

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