Housing for Single Mothers – Easy Methods to Acquire Assistance

Single mothers need safe and convenient housing to bring up their families. A single mother’s needs are very much different from those of a married mother. This is because the single mother acts as both the father and mother figure to the kids. Because of being around so as to bring up the kids well, not many of these mothers have paying jobs. Being a very important component in any family, quality shelter is needed by a single mother just like it is needed by any other parent.

Buying or building a house is not an easy thing at all. It requires one to be well prepared with finances.It can become difficult to even rent a house because of the financial situations some single moms are in. Luckily, there are housing grants for single mothers that have been very good sources. There are various organizations that a single mother can approach for housing for single mothers assistance. They offer help depending on the circumstances the single mother is in. Some sources of housing assistance for single mothers include:

Local housing organizations

Housing for Single Mothers

Housing for Single Mothers

These organizations are very helpful to all single mothers who need housing assistance. Different states have different local housing organizations, but they all have space for housing assistance for single mothers. These organizations have different packages for home ownership depending on the different classes of people available.

Non Governmental organizations that offer housing grants for single mothers

These organizations also provide the much needed help in securing a good home for the single mom and her family. Some organizations may need proof of the single mother’s need for assistance by carefully looking at her financial statements and also her urgency of need.

Organizations that offer single mothers with help on how to save for money to buy homes

These organizations are also a good option for any single mother who wants to own a home. They offer help for single mothers who have attained the needed savings to at least make half the payment for the home. They are very instrumental in making sure that many single mothers own homes because they help in securing them jobs so as to be able to raise the money by saving.

Government Organizations

Housing for Single Mothers

Single Mom Financial Help

A great organization to find housing help is the USDA (U.S department of agriculture), a government organization. Even though it may not seem like it, the USDA is a great resource to find housing help, especially in more rural areas.

On their website, they have some great resources and programs that you can look into for various types of housing needs, whether it is building a new home, repairing your house, renovating your home, or even relocation. They provide various programs, funding and partnerships for those living or looking to live in rural areas of the U.S.

Their biggest programs are called the housing and community facilities programs, in which all their other rural development housing aid programs are a subcategory.

Their website has information regarding eligibility and how to apply for some of their aid. If you are interested in the USDA’s services, you can always contact them on their website, or find an office near you, or call them to find out more about the different ways that you can use the USDA’s housing assistance for single mothers.

Lastly if you are interested in government assisted housing or public housing, the best place to look is the HUD (Housing and Urban Development). They have a program called Public housing, which is limited to low income residents. It provides them with rent rates that they can afford. This is a joint program managed in conjunction with local housing agencies (HAs) that determine the eligibly of each applicant. If this is something you are interested, check out the Public Housing HUD website.

Don’t be scared!

Any single mother should not feel ashamed to approach any of these institutions. After all, they exist so as to make the single mother have access to a more better housing environment for herself and her family as well. The best decision that any single mother can ever make is to visit them and work hard in fulfilling her part so as to be able to get the needed help. All said and done, every single mother who needs decent housing will definitely get it because there are many organizations that are ready to offer an extended helping hand by offering housing for single mothers help to her at all times until she gets exactly what she wants.

How will New Mortgage Programs affect the self – employed?

If you are self employed, the process is still the same. You will still need to show proof of your income so that the mortgage lenders are aware of your loan agreement and how much you earn. If you receive salary from self employment (and depending on how much of the business you own) you will need to show incomes worth of two years. Make sure that you include personal and business tax returns, complete with profit and loss statements if you have any. For any recurring losses or gains, you will need to make sure that three years of documentation is provided. So if you are looking for a new payment and are self employed — worry not, because there are other options for you.

Affordable Housing

These days there are many housing organizations that work for the purpose to provide single mothers with options so that they have the chance to find the housing that they so deserve and can afford. This may include subsidized apartments and other offers for cheap housing and mortgage.

Programs for Single Mom 

One of the most affordable housing programs in the country provided by the government is the Section 8 Housing Voucher. This is funded by the one and only HUD program and has helped millions of Americans come closer to finding affordable housing. This program is aimed at assisting very low income families, the elderly and the disabled to find and afford their own town homes and apartments.

The section 8 housing voucher is administered locally by public housing agencies that are funded by HUD and are administered at a local level. The program pays for rent and the family has to pay the rest as per the voucher.

For the general breakdown and how to apply and to see if you are eligible, make use of the HUD website.

Low-Income Single Moms

There is a great housing program for low-income single moms called Mercy Housing that helps single mothers find housing, and provide other real estate services. Their mission statement includes providing “supportive programs improve the economic status of residents, revitalize neighborhoods and stabilize lives”.

Some of the services they afford are management groups with professional property management, loan funds to provide people with loans and portfolio services to help support families looking into bankruptcy. They take donations from people in the community to be able to provide the great services that so graciously provide the resources and take the challenge of combating the issue of affordable housing.

Find out more about Mercy Housing at: https://www.mercyhousing.org.

For Divorced Moms

For divorced single moms that may need some support may want to look into SPAOA which is the Single Parents Alliance of America which is a for-profit organization that finds and aggregates resources for single mothers regarding financial aid, government grants and housing. This is a great resources that helps single mothers get the extra support they may need by leading them straight into organizations that can provide the kind of help that single moms looking for housing might be interested in checking out.

First Time Buyers

The usual places to look for first time home buying include of course the FHA and HUD organizations, but an often overlooked one is http://www.makinghomeaffordable.gov/.

This is a government program and an official program of the departments of the treasury and housing and urban development. Some options available under the MHA are:

  1. Lowering monthly mortgage payments
  2. Finding options to avoid foreclosure
  3. Options to bring yourself out of undesirable housing situations

To apply for the MHA program, you will need items such as a monthly home mortgage statement, tax returns and other documentations regarding your house.


Many single mothers find affordable housing almost impossible to find. But in actuality, there are so many organizations that must be considered. There are many different places that can provide the type of assistance that many single mothers need to complete their affordable housing hunt. Sometimes, affordable housing that you may be interested in may also come in the form of cheap apartments for rent.

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  • melissa sumner
    4 years ago

    hello my name is melissa i am a mommy of three 2 girls 1 boy, my sons dad has put us in a really bad place i get welfare for my two girls $260.00 a month we are homeless because i cant find a place that is low enough to rent it is hard to find or get a job my youngest is 3 i have looked an looked, im not sure what to do we move from place to place i have worked so hard to change my life around an i did.
    the place we are at now is great it was a blessing however are time here is almost up, they are a big family an the room we have is there sons an he comes home next month, just a great time xmas is coming an we have to find a new place to go, im am lost at what to do a frined told me to look on the computer an see what i could find o here an am i live in bakersfield ca. and im in need of help. if there is anyone out there that knows of any place or people that could help please email me or you could find me on face book ( memesummer420@yahoo.com) or melissa sumner on facebook.
    thank you all an anyone.. i pray for anything, sorry so long just really am lost an need help god bless..

  • margie garcia
    4 years ago

    am 24 years old and ive benn in a abuseive realationship for 5 years i have 2 babys a son 2 a girl 1 i had a home and he changed got a good job stoped the drugs i was a stay at home mom and it changed i left wiyh the baby to go over with my mom and i lost every thing he abnodened me and the babys he just stoped talking calling he trashed everything i had and he got him a new women i havent seen or spoke to him in 5 months and get this were in the same town his parents and my mom help my mom is sick she just had surgery i filed for child support got everything fianly in and then he txt me a week ago wanting back and he came 1 day stole from me then he got arrested went to jail lost his job i filled for everything i have a apt 580 a month and electrice no job no low income availble his parents cant help they do everything i dont know what else to do i need help

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