Housing Grants & Assistance : Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: I don’t have a stable place to live. Where can I go to rent a cheap apartment or house?

A: Each state, city, area varies on rent and how much it will cost but you definitely have to compromise a bit in order to find a home within your preferred price range. You can look in finding places such as studios, apartments with one bedroom, and or less amenities. Also, look into what places have vacancies, some places are bank-owned so they at times tend to be at a lower price, and try bargaining with your retailer. If you are unsure you can also contact HIP, which is the Housing Initiative Program who can help you find a home fitting your needs.

Q: What do housing grants help with?

A: There are many different types of housing grants so you many want to look into the one you’re applying for. Though, different sorts of grant apply for different things such as: some pay for housing fixtures, so fix a leakage, something broken, etc; help pay a portion of you mortgage; help pay so of your rent and so forth. So they vary, make sure you research and are apply for the one in which you will receive the most benefit out of.

Q: How does the HUD provide help for single mothers in my situation?

A: HUD is an US department of Housing and Urban Development which helps provide and safe and secure rental housing facility for low-income families who are eligible. The family has to fall under a certain income amount, show citizen/immigrant status, and show living conditions. All factors are put into consideration when being offered.

Q: Can you please explain the section 8 voucher?

A: The section 8 voucher is a federal program administered by the local housing authorities and those who are eligible receive a voucher that they can use to help them pay for an apartment in the private market. In other words, if you qualify for the section 8 voucher, you can receive money put towards helping you buy an apartment.

Q: Is there any government help available for me to find a place to live?

A: There are many government grants to help with housing. The best place to look would be HUD.gov as they provide housing help to whoever needs is. Also, HIP (housing initiative program) is a nice place to look for housing help. There are also local organizations that help temporarily with finding housing. You can also look for places that your state has to help you find houses/ apartments to live. Once you find a place, contact them and ask them how you can acquire the place to live.

Q: I can no longer afford my rent and am thinking of moving out to a cheaper place. Where should I begin my search?

 A: If that is becoming the situation, a perfect idea is to move out and find a cheaper place to live so you can cut down on your payments. This may require the need for grants that are readily available if you qualify. Look into apartments because they are the cheapest place to live and you may receive some grants if you find a place to live there. Also, finding a roommate or someone to split the payment with really helps.

3 Responses to “Housing Grants & Assistance : Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please help me!!!!

    I am seeking financial assistance and do not know how to apply or where to start. I am single mom on Welfare (my parents are supporting us). I am going thru a hardship/destitution and my son education is suffering.

    My 7 years old son is failing the 1st grade and needs a tutoring immediately; just to meet the basic requirements. He needs to be tested for math, writing, reading, and spelling. The school hasn’t been helpful due to the number of students in her class. I don’t have the luxury to paid for tutoring; I barely have enough gas to take him to school each day. (I only have $5.00 at this time, which I will have to sell something or ask for money from someone)

    He cannot read nor write. My son is struggling with sight word recognition and letters are sometimes backwards. He has great communication skills but he doesn’t listen nor understand what’s going on in class daily. He just follows the flow of the other students. He is needs individualized direct instruction/attention. He may have a learning or development delays as well as social behavior issues, such as seeks out attention in class. The teacher thinks he has emotional issues or other processing difficulties.

    I just want him have essential tools need to succeed in life.

    In addition, seeking therapy services, medical and dentist work as well. We will soon be homeless due to my parents home is being foreclosed on May 20. I own nothing, and feel helpless. I am at my bottom, but I don’t want Lyric (my son) not to have a mother because she couldn’t support me. I need medical, financial, home, car, money…..all we can do is pray for miracle everyday. HELP me please!

  • Amanda warren
    4 years ago

    I am a soon to be single mom of 3 boys leaving an abusive situation and moving on limited funds cross country to start a new life. I need all the help I can get. If you have any help for me, I would really appreciate a response. Thank you so much.

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