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Are there any help for mom for housing? If you spend much time online you will see ads for these, but like all grant opportunities, you are best off by doing thorough research before you jump on the bandwagon for housing help.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

While it is not technically a program of grants for single mothers for housing, the Housing Choice Voucher Program offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) can be the answer to many single moms’ housing concerns. This program assists low-income families in finding safe and sanitary housing. Many single moms qualify simply because of their income constraints.

Under the Housing Choice Voucher Program, applicants receive a voucher they can use to find housing. They may use the voucher for any type of rental unit, as long as it meets minimum standards for health and safety. The Public Housing Agency will pay the voucher amount directly to the landlord. You may end up with a portion of the costs as well, depending on how much your rental costs. There are also instances where families can use their vouchers to purchase a small home, rather than rent, but this must be authorized by the PHA. Eligibility is based on income and family size.

USDA Home Grant Program

If you are looking for grants for single mothers for housing repairs rather than a purchase, and you live in a rural area rather than an urban one, you may be able to get help from the USDA. They offer grants for single mothers and other low-income individuals to use to rehabilitate and repair their housing. The grant portion of this program is only available to those aged 62 and older, but the loan is quite affordable, repayable over 20 years at just 1 percent interest. The Rural Repair and Rehabilitative Loan and Grant (http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/) is available in amounts of up to $20,000 for loans and $7,500 for grants.

USDA Direct Housing Loans

This is a type of section 502 loans that is basically used to find housing help in rural areas. It is available to low income individuals to help them:

  • Build a new house
  • House repairs
  • Renovate a home
  • Relocate a home

Many single mothers fit the criteria of receiving such a loan. The prime eligibility factor is that the applicant must qualify as low or very low income (AMI).

According to area median income (AMI):

  • Below 50% of AMI is very low income
  • 50 – 80% of AMI is low income
  • 80 to 100% is moderate income

The loans are available for up to 33 years and there are some additional regulations that the house must fall under in order to be eligible for such a loan.  You can find out more information from the USDA website or apply here: http://forms.sc.egov.usda.gov/efcommon/eFileServices/eForms/RD410-4.PDF

Guaranteed Housing Loans

 This is another loan type, with a different set of terms and requirements. In this type of loan, participants can have a higher income status (up to 115% of the AMI). You have to be able to afford mortgage payments, but it is okay if you are without adequate housing. You also need to have a reasonable credit history. This is another one to look into you fit the eligibility requirements better. Find out more.

Mortgage Reforms to Help Borrowers

There are new mortgage reforms that are being put into place to help protect borrowers. This is because many lenders were unable to have borrowers pay all their money back. A new rule includes a 3% cap on origination fees for mortgages of $100,000 or more. This will help borrowers pay back what they have loaned. It will also protect people so that there isn’t a debt to income ratio greater than 43%. If you feel you are qualified, go and talk to your loan provider and ask them about a reevaluation and ask them about new mortgage policies.

Family Unification Program

Sometimes, lack of adequate housing can cause you to be separated from your children, or to face the imminent placement of your children into foster care. This is a heartbreaking situation, and it can be helped if you qualify for the Family Unification Program (http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/). This, again, is not necessarily a type of home grant for single mothers, but it serves the same purpose.

Offered through HUD, the Family Unification Voucher allows distressed parents to lease or purchase safe housing through the private housing market. The vouchers are available based on income need and only if the public child welfare agency has determined that the housing is the only thing preventing the child from returning to the home. The vouchers will pay any housing costs above 30 percent of the family’s income. The 30 percent is the amount HUD expects the family to contribute for housing.

Use housing grants for single mothers to your advantage. They can really lower the costs needed for housing and such. Take some time to research them and to find some housing help for single mothers.

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  1. i am recently single and have a child and am unempoyed, job market is no good right now. i will no longer have a place to live after the beginning of february. i recieve food stamps but they dont get diapers and things of that nature. would love to be able to get house and be stable for my daughter. if u could please connect me with a link to help with home grant, that i dont need income for, and finacial help it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

  2. Hello im a single mother with a 3 year old. Im homeless and dont have a income. I also dropped out of high school. I need place bad to stay. Housing list isnt taking any applications. Im in need of help bad. I dont know what to do. My parents wont let me come home.

  3. A good friend of mine and single-mom has been out of work for about a year due to cancer treatment and has been living with her boyfriend. Her X won’t allow their daughter to stay with her and another man unless she is married, so she is unable to keep her child since she has no income and no way of getting her own place at this time. She is nervous about the idea of government housing since they are typically not in the safest areas of town and I’m quite sure her X would object to that as well. Unfortunately, it’s his mission in life to hurt her. Does anyone have any ideas on where she may be able to get rent assistance or some other kind of assistance with housing?

  4. i am 17 and i do not have a job but am looking and i have a 7 month old and moveing house to house and it needs to stop is there anything that i can do idont know much cause im so you and my faimly has never went through this

  5. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. I moved from VA to NC to live with my parents because I was pregnant and my husband is currently locked up for 3 years back in VA. My father and I are fighting every day and has threaten me and wants make me leave. I have a small cat and a dog and we have no where to go. I am a high risk pregnant women. I just had a cervical cerclage surgey done January 10th I am suppose to be on bedrest until my daughter is born. I have no where to go but he is making us living here really hard and stressful. I need help in where and what I can do…. I have never been in this situation before but because I was pregnant and delivered my son at 19 weeks, I lost my son because I was suffering from depression when he passed away. I need help or resources….

  6. I am 21 years old with a 17 month old son, I just lost my boyfriend to domestic violence, and i finally made the decision to leave him, after many broken bones and black eyes, despite the fact i am homeless now. I need help i have a job, but I can not work with my eye busted open.. i just really really need help.. I dont know what to do. Please someone help me.

  7. I am a single mother with three kids and all I am looking for is assistance with finding a home in Georgia that I can afford. Right now I reside in Racine, Wisconsin but I really want to get out of here and start a new life with me and my kids is there any resources or any programs that can help me with this situation please help me.

  8. i am also a single mother of three kids and going to school full time. it is impossible to go to school and work and study and be a mother full time for my kids. i was just recently evicted from my home. my mother has my oldest two kids to get them to school and i have my two year old. i never know who watches him until the morning of school. i have no stability for me and my kids at the moment. i am a christian and a firm believer in having faith in my higher power.i know he will provide a way but i still have to do my part as well. i need finicial assistance like yesterday. i dont want to drop out of schoolo it is the only thing i can depend on that will allow me to have a future for my kids. neways please someone provide me with some knowledge on how to get help from anywhere for a place to live and help with expenses for daycare there has to be a way instead od giving up.

  9. hello my name is crystal i have a 1 year old boy and 10 weeks pregnant now and turing n 18 april 6 my mother is giving me til my birthday and then i have to go in 2 weeks but i have no home to go to what do i dooo….? i need help?

  10. I am a single mother and I recently went back to college to have a better life for my daughter. The section 8 program in my area is closed and they said they do not know when they will be open again. Is there any other programs that offer assistance to single mothers?

  11. shana augustus on

    I’m a single mother of 5. I’ve been trying to find ways to save my house for over 2 years. I’ve exhausted myself. I had a loss of income two years ago and was unable to keep an in-house workout option with my mortgage company and to stop the foreclosure I had to file chapter 13 but was unable to make those payment so the stay was lifted and the chapter 13 was converted to a chapter 7 and cleared all my debt which included the house. Now I was told that mortgage companies do not want you to lose your home. I am trying to pay the debt that’s owed on my house so I can keep it. I have no debt, my hardship is over, I just got a judgment for the child support I lost and an income consignment order along with rental income that I have been receiving now for 6 months. I’ve worked for the state going on 6 years and have stable income that I can pay the mortgage. Is there anything I can do to help me keep my home? The original loan is an adjustable rate mortgage. I understand I owe 29 payments but seem like if they restructured my mortgage and add the amount I owe back into the mortgage it would be in their best interest since selling it at a foreclosure won’t recoup the money owed since the property went into my bankruptcy. I’d like to understand how nothing can be worked out based on all the information I just gave.

  12. Brittany McCall on

    My name is Brittany McCall and I am 21. I have a wonderful one year old name Kyler McCall. I am a single mother and I love being a mom with all my heart. I did not get the chance to go off to college or to pursue my dream in the nursing fields. Being able to help people is something I dreamed of doing for as long as I can remember. But having a baby at young age was just a small hold back for me as a young woman. All I ever wanted to do in life is to make a better life for my son and me. I see lots of young women having children and not taken care of them, or getting abortions because they were not ready for a baby, but did what it takes to make one. I am not the one to judge anyone on life choices, but I do know I take pride in taken care of my son, even if it means I miss out on something, I make sure my son has what he needs. To me nothing is more important than to make sure my baby has and that I provide a better future for us as a family. I use to work for $7.25 an hour not getting many hours at all. However now I’m unemployed and living off of food stamps and FI. I never knew really what it took to take care of kids, but now I know that it takes so much more. I only wish to take care of my son and to give him much more then I had growing up. I would love to own a home as well as a car of my own, but for now I’m getting help from my mom. I love the help my mom is giving me, but there is nothing like having a place of your own as well as the transpiration. It helps you know that you can come home to your own and have a way to work every day without any worries. One day I wish to be able to go back to school, and not just any school, but a school located someplace in Spartanburg Sc. I would love to have a good paying job as well as my own home and car, So I guess what I want to know is, what type of help I can get as a young mother not willing to give up in life at all?

  13. Amanda Ramos on

    Iam a 24yr old single mother with a two yr old son and a month old son. Iam living with my mother in Irving Texas because I need help. I have kidney problems and a very low thyroid that makes my heart and pulse rate low. I’m also taking medication for it. I applied for disability in fort Smith Arkansas but I was denied
    I’m trying to find a job that iam able to work at least part time to provide for my children. I did work at CVS Pharmacy in bay city TX until I started to get health problems. Iam use to housecleaning and babysitting. Please email me if I can get assistance for myself and my children. We do get snap and Medicaid but I need help moving in to my own place with my children. Please reply back.

  14. im a mother of three i live in il i have been on the waiting list for housing forever and i came up on the list and they told me i could get house looking for any help getting a place of some kind

  15. i am a 24 yr old single mother living at home with my verbally abusive mother and at times things can get physical i need to rremove my son and i out of this situation but i work all i need is assistance with the security deposit for a apartment does anyone know where i can get help

  16. kimberly robinson on

    Hi im a single parent to a 1month old baby i currently also have custody of my 9yo cousin i get tanf for him which is 173.00 im trying to find a place to live but have bad credit due to unpaid cell phone bills and i helped a friend get a apartment that she never moved in and now i have a judgement against me. i have high blood pressure from the pregnancy and still dealing with that this is a stressful situation i been trying to find a job for almost 2 months now despite having a csection i live in va

  17. Maria Williams on

    Hi, I am a single mother of 3, 1 child joined the Airforce and she’s off to college. My youngest is 10 and I am trying to hold it together for his sake. I just graduated in May w/2 Bachelors and cannot find a decent job. I was notified that the rental we have been living has Toxic Chinese Drywall. I need a home to live in and help to get back on my feet, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  18. I am a single mother with two children one has desability chronic … I have nowhere to go … help me urgently .. but my limits for them and for them, thanks for any help…i have all paper with me and record..

  19. My sister is about to turn 18yrs old and is a single parent. The baby’s father is in the picture but is currently living in another state. My sister doesn’t know about all the grants that’s out there to help her be successful. I was wondering what is the process and how can I get her the information about all the grants that are available to so she won’t have to ever worry bout struggling financially,or trying to find a place to stay. All I want is what’s best for her. If there’s a way to help please, I REALLY appreciate the help of you could provide any.

  20. Hi. I left my home and job with my son and moved to Virginia to get married. Unfortunately I have not found work here and the decision was made for me that we should part ways. That’s right. He’s not going to marry me. I want to stay in Virginia and raise my son. I’ve been on interviews but I have not been hired. I need a job, a place to live and a car. Is there a program for a fresh start for a person like me? Thank you.

  21. My name is Siedah im 23 and a single mother of three im trying to find a permenent place for my girls. I only make 7.25 and hour so money is tight and im looking for a program that going to help me get out of my 1 bedroom apartment into a home. Im not to sure about loans, intrests rates, and whatever else that goes with that. If you know anything that would help I would appreciate that thank you in advance.

  22. im a single mom who works i would like info on how to buy a house for the first time i pay 700 amonth for an apartment and it is to small my credit is not the best i live in blue island, il i would so like to have a yard for my kids to play in someone please help

    • Yes,
      You can call an organization called HIP which is the Housing Initiative Program and they help
      you find a home accordingly and one that is affordable.

  23. I am a mother of three, I received Link but I have no source of income. I’m struggling paying my bills as well purchasing clothes for my kids. I also have a Bachelors but no experience in my field. If anyone knows of a job, training and/or any programs that will assist me clothing vouchers and assistance with paying bills please let me know. Thanks!

  24. I am a single mother of 3 I also am a victim of domestic abuse with my past ex which was the father of my children. I get no help from him he’s in prison now for other reasons. Im now in another unhealthy relationship with a different person my ex also Domestic abuse also im so scared of losing my children over this, i need help I dont have have enough money to get us an apartment I use to rent a room but had to move out at the end of this month I get welfare but only 639 $ a month I dont have a job im an emotional wreck I need some advice I need stability for my kids. Thier my life please help me any advice is well appreciated. Thank you

  25. Im a 21yr old mother with a 8month old without a job me and my boyfriend are looking for low-incomed based something for housing he has a job but are credit is no good .. i have no idea what else to do or whoelse to go to about this. because state just doesnt help.

  26. hi my name is megan im a single mother of two small boys i live in a very small town with limited resources i had two jobs and lost them both because srs wouldnt help me with child care because i wasnt working over 20 hours i have no transportation to get anywhere i have my own little place but now that i lost both jobs i have no way to pay my rent or bills is there any program that will assist me with my bills ? and or help me get transportation ?

  27. I am a 24 year old single mother. I am in college and trying to find programs to help me find a car and place to live for me and my son. If anyone has information on programs in Georgia, I would be so grateful.

  28. I am a single mother of 3 children and I am in the process of getting a divorce from my abusive husband. Does anyone know of any programs that can help me? I live in New Hampshire and I am running out of options. My ex husband (who is the father of my children) holds the cards with the court and will not allow me to move out of the town I am living in now, so I am in need of finding a way to buy a home where I am living to provide a more stable environment for my children.

  29. I am a 27year old single mom. My son is disabled and I received monthly benefits for him as well as work part time. Residing in NY and looking to find suitable housing. Credit is poor and a 2 bedroom apt in Brooklyn NY is wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy out of my budget to afford on my own. Any advice? A lot of programs have been cut in our state.

  30. I am a divoced single mother who needs to split custody, im currently living in hawaii where I get family housing help. I am looking to moving back to Oregon clakamas county to cont. our shared custody, I need Housing and food assistance, don’t know where to begin..

  31. hi i am a 22 year old single mom of a one year old and a two year old…if anyone has any info on a auto or college grant please contact me.

  32. im 35 yr old single mom who works full time i would like info on how to buy a house for the first time i pay $750 amonth for an apartment and it is too small, my credit is not the best i live in Baton Rouge. I had lived with my daughters father for 12 years and just recently found out he has (2) sons with a women he married over a year ago. I just recently filed for child support. This is very scary; I have never thought I would be in a situation like this. My only concern now are my (2) daughters; they deserve a home with a yard; I dont need a mansion; just some peace and security for myself and my daughters. Thanks and Good luck to all you single mothers on here…I also noticed a lady needing clothing…I have girls clothing & shoes that I would love to give to help you out. Feel free to contact me.

  33. I’m a 34 year old single mom. I’m trying desperately to get back on my feet for my ten year old and myself. I’m trying to get my license back so that I’ll be able to drive. My son and I currently reside with his father, my ex husband. I just need some sort of assistance to get started. I desperately need some advice as to where I need to start as far as assistance goes. Thank you

  34. I am 18 years old. I have a one and a half year old. I am trying to get my diploma. I am trying to get a job as well. I live in a one bedroom trailer with my daughter. I need help getting some kind of grant to get a bigger house. Can anybody help me? I am in need of this please.

  35. i am a single mother of 3 boys. 13 6 9mos. i also have a 11 yr old daughter who lives with her grandparents til i get a place of our own. for da past yr n a half we bn 6 different homes friends family. all kicked us out. too much kids not enough money 2 gv n now we seperated til we get a place asap. can we please be helped by this program? m so desperately in need

  36. jillian plus 4 on

    im a single mom of four great kids im looking for alittle help i just moved to aubern alabama with my brother and his famliy hes place in small but he has been so great to me and my kids but we need more Room we dont have much money we need help get a bigger place we are famliy would like to stay togather we are all we have if anyone can help it would be a dream come true for us. My num#731 358 0028

  37. Hi, Im a single mother of one , I have steady and very good income but because of bad choices when I was younger I messed my credit up. I wondering if you know of any grants that could help me with purchasing a home.

  38. Hi I am currently separated from my husband ready for divorce, pregnant and due tomorrow plus have a three year old and we are homeless. due to certain circumstances I can not go to a shelter. anyone know of a program that will give me emergency housing help
    I just need a stable home for my babies so i can have baby and find work near where i would live. really desperate

  39. I’m a single mom. Im in need of a place for me and my 2yr old son. Im curious as to how to apply for some of these grants to get help with a place for me and my son

  40. Hello, my name is Melissa. I have one daughter, she is six years old and disabled. I am currently driving her four hours everyday so she can get the education she deserves (two hours to her school, two hours back). I am really needing a home closer to the school, but everything that is for rent is much more money than what i have. I was wondering if there were any grants for single mothers with disabled children relocating for the childs benefit? or something along those lines. I am really struggling looking these things up because i dont know what a lot of these things mean.

  41. I need to relocate to Cincinnati Ohio to be near my mother and leave an abusive relationship. We just lost my 27 year old brother and I want to be there to support my mom because she is devistated. i however have 4 girls and no job and need to get help ASAP I do recieve assistance in Georgia but desparately want to move to Cincinnati to be with my mom. Unfortuantely her place is way to small for all of us to fit. I would appreciate any help you can give. I am using her email because I do not have a computer.

  42. Augusta Dillon on

    Im a mother of 4 ive had my share of ups an downs an now that im out of a job an serching for a home no income to lean on olny goverment assisit an im looking to improve my life as well as my kids im 42 now an im just tired of makeing the wroung decisions all my life if i was to tell my story it would take a minute but i have learned to trust in God

  43. Hi i live in Augusta ga and iam in desperate need of a place to stay just pleased help guide me on what to do ….thanks

  44. Hello well I am a single mother of two as well and there is a program in Dallas Texas its called shared Housing the number is 214 821 8510 this service provides assistance for single mother with no more than 3 kids they will help you with housing ,cousling ect.. Hope this helps anyone that is needing it hope I was able to help someone God Bless and keep your head up.

  45. I was in a similar situation, fortunately I was able to leave to my parent’s house to get away from him. There are agencies that can help you. If you go to apply for housing or call your local welfare office they are usually able to put you on an emergency assistance list for situations involving domestic violence. You need to get out of that situation ASAP it will not stop and your child sees what’s going on. It took my son a long time to be able to tolerate people yelling around him because of what he experienced at a young age. PLEASE seek help!!

  46. I’m 28 years old I have three children 10yr old girl 2yr old girl and a 4yr old son who was diagnosed with angelman syndrome we currently live with my mom but its becoming harder for her to support the four of us alone I’ve looked for jobs but have no luck I get SS for my son but it doesn’t help much I need to get out of my mothers place and have exhausted all my resources its difficult to work and raise a disabled child alone is there any information as to how to go about getting help with buying a home or something along those lines im at a loss and need help immediately!!!

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