How Scholarships Would Benefit Me


If you are facing financial barriers to attending college, then there is no doubt that a scholarship could provide many benefits, some you may not have even considered.  Before you throw your hands up in abject frustration, consider how a scholarship could ease many of your burdens.

Financial Benefits

This one is obvious and the reason you are here reading this in the first place. A scholarship can relieve some or all of the monetary burdens associated with attending college. You can find scholarships for everything from tuition and books to room and board if you are diligent in your pursuit.

Time for School

Without a scholarship, many people have to work to support themselves and pay for school. This can leave very little time for studying, doing research or spending time in labs. With a scholarship, you may be relieved of that burden and can dedicate your time to your studies fully.

Time for Extra Curricular Activities

Without the financial constraints that make it necessary to work while attending college, you will have time to pursue extracurricular activities. These may be strictly pleasurable activities, sports or activities related to your field of study. Any of these helps you remain a better-rounded individual with a variety of interests and an outlet for any stress you might experience.

Increased Visibility

Once you win one or two scholarships, it starts a cascade rolling your way. You list those awards on your curriculum vitae and when the next scholarship committee reviews it, they may be more likely to make an award in your favor because others have also deemed you worthy. It reinforces your viability as a candidate.

Job Seeking

When it comes time to look for work, you will prepare a resume. On that resume, you will list all of your achievements, including any scholarships you were awarded. This tells potential employers that others reviewed your skills, experience and education and found you worthy of receiving financial support. It is a feather in your cap.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Wining a scholarship is also a form of self-validation. No one wins every scholarship they apply for but even winning one or two has the power to inspire you. The recognition of others that you have potential worth nurturing is something money cannot buy. It will give you confidence that you can use each time you apply for a scholarship or a job or face any big challenge in your life.






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