How to Choose A School Based on Your Needs


When it really comes down to choosing a school can feel overwhelming and stressful. There are so many schools, all offering different things and all requiring different things from you. It seems like you can just sit in front of the computer all day researching and researching what you need and expect in a school. So to help those lost and confused people here are a few things to keep in mind while picking and choosing a school.


Public vs. Private College


There are two kinds of universities – public and private ones. Here is a breakdown on what advantages you can have when you go with any one type.



  • Less expensive (unless out of state)
  • More student
  • Larger student:teacher ratio
  • Usually urban setting
  • Largely supported by state funds
  • Give priority to state resident students


  • More expensive
  • Less students
  • Smaller student:teacher ratio
  • Rural areas
  • Many tend to be religion affiliated
  • Supported by tuition, endowment, and donations from alumni and friends.
  • Offer more financial aid
  • Selective
  • Stronger student teacher relations

Four Year vs. Two Year College

Two year colleges tend to be community college, which are cheaper route of you are looking at this financially. When you attend a two-year you are completing your general education at no cost (aside from standard costs that may apply to others things) and then you transfer to a four-year university and immediately start on your major. Whereas, if you go directly to a four-year university, the first two are completing your general education, just like a two-year, except you have to pay for the classes, and once those classes are complete you being classes linked to your major.

Your major

Around this time many people tend to know what they want to major in, so you want to attend colleges and universities that offer a better program for your major. This of course is done through talking to others and research. So it’s an important factor to keep in mind, because some majors, such a psychology, are offered an all schools although some schools offer a higher degree in it then others. If you look online at a school’s website, that is often the best way to find a school’s major. This way you are able to find a school that is actually suitable for your field of interest.

Location, College Vibe

As silly and irrelevant this factor may seem to some, it actually is quite important and key in helping you choose you college. Colleges are located in all different sorts of areas, some in the middle of nowhere, while others in the midst of the city rush. So you what to know what kind to surrounding you want to be around, if you are a nature-loving person a college away from the city lights may be a good place for your although, it can be the worst and difficult place fitting in if you are not. The littlest details can completely change one’s perspective on which college to choose, so it’s really important to visit and tour a school you like. Sometimes what schools show in their pamphlets isn’t always what you expect or see when you actually visit a school. The “vibe” you get from a school is really important as well, as cheesy as it may sound many student say no to some great schools simply because they weren’t “connecting” with it.


So don’t base your judgment off of one thing when selecting your school, look at every aspect of it and see what best meets your needs. Consider every aspect and see if the school you choose is the best after considering other schools with similar amenities.



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