3 Simple Steps to Filling Out the FAFSA


Filling out the FAFSA has many benefits when it comes to paying for college. Learn how you can apply for lots of success and get the most back from your FAFSA application. The easy and simple info graphic below will help you when filling out a FAFSA Application.





This three part FAFSA Demystified series will go over how to fill out and pursue a FAFSA financial aid application successfully to receive the best results. These three articles are meant for single mothers to go step by step at their own pace for FAFSA to benefit them, when done correctly.

FAFSA Demystified Part 1 – Insiders Guide about what it is and How To Apply

FAFSA Demystified Part 2 РHow to Fill Out the FAFSA in the best way  FAFSA Demystified

Part 3 – What to do after FAFSA is processed & Making Use of FAFSA

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  1. am a single mom who would like to go to college and need your help so much.what are the procedures for getting and filling of fafsa form and how do i go about?i really need this to help me help my child who is in his teen now.thank you

  2. am a kenyan citien,but am eager to continue with my education, but a lack school fee for me to enroll for undergraduate degree. i dropped out of school because in my community they give first priority to a boy child so my father forced me to drop and get married so that my brother could use the dowrey to pay school fees when i was sixteen years but later i enrolled as aprivate candidate and got amean grade of c+(plus) after my result my spouse was not happy about so we had to separate, so am i eligible to apply or can you connect me to any organiation which can enable continue with my education thaank you in advance.

    • Most of the grants and other forms of assistance talked about in this website are for the U.S only, sorry, you can try and see if there is anything similar that you can get in Kenya. You can also try contacting some of these agencies and see if they will extend their services as far as there.

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