How to Take Advantage of Counselors to Fill Your College Applications


We all know how it feels when that time of year comes around, the time to start filling out you college applications. For many this tends to be a lengthy and stressful process, especially when you are completely unsure of what to do. But don’t worry, you have people to help you out as long as you make the effort to ask and one of those people are your academic counselors. You counselor’s job along with other things is prioritizing students and helping them meet their needs. Counselors have answers to your questions from how to fill out an application to which ones to fill out. Here are a few suggestions to help make this process slightly less complicated and hassle free for you.


Where to apply.

If you are one of those people who are simply looking to get into a good college but are not quite sure which one, then along with your friends, family, and teachers your school counselors are the best people to talk to. They will sit down with you and look at all your possibilities. To start off, they help you acknowledge what colleges you can definitely get into and which ones are bit of a stretch. They help you look through your academic profiles; your grades, your test scores, your classes and your extracurricular profiles; club involvement, sports, outside school activities and elective classes. Looking at ALL this information, it helps to know which schools you are eligible for.


Financial bindings.

Regardless of whom you talk to everyone will tell you not to cancel out a school due to it’s cost, of course it is a very important factor but there are also many ways to help you out. When you sit down with your counselor and you find schools that you are interested but are worried about the cost your counselor will help you in finding scholarships and financial aid that is available to you. Your counselors are “know it alls” when it comes to figuring out where to go, so they know many ways to receive help in being able to go to a college of your dreams.


The application.

When you first look at your application it sort makes your head spin, so many question, details and requirements that you have to fill out, but not alone. If you do not know how to fill out an application or even know where to find the application on website your counselors can help you entirely. Now, you need to keep in mind different schools have different requirements when it comes to filling out an application, many privates require you to complete the application through the common application whiles others on their website or another. Don’t worry your counselor will know what these are if you don’t.


So remember, the most important aspect of this whole application process is not being afraid to ask for help or as question, because it’s most likely that there are some question that not even you can answer regardless of how much you may know. You aren’t alone when it comes it doing college work; every student is one the same page some more lost then other, while some more informed then other. So it’s important to help and ask for it when needed.

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