Job Searching And The Best Places to Network


Networking can be one of the best resources a working mom develops. Whether you need advice on parenting, dating as a single parent and especially when trying to find a job, networking with other single parents can reap untold benefits.

Job Search Sites
There are thousands of websites dedicated to helping single parents navigate life and the web. Wading through them all can be tedious. If you are looking for a job, focus on those that help single parents find jobs like Aside from the usual chat groups and forums where you can ask questions, there is a link to, a useful website for job-searching. It provides assistance with resume preparation, delivers weekly listings of available jobs in fields you’ve selected to your email inbox and allows one-click application process for many of the jobs listed there. Other reputable job search sites include Career Builder and

Social Groups
There is no telling where a job lead might come from. Talk to everyone you know. Church groups are often willing to help members in a time of need. Following the service, during fellowship get-togethers, let people know what you are looking for. Ask to place a small notice in the weekly bulletin. Maybe ask the officiant to make an announcement at the end of the service to let people know you are looking for a job and to contact you with any leads. Other groups where parents come together such as your PTA, school teams and extra-curricular activities your kids belong to. Let other parents know your situation and don’t be shy about asking them to keep their ears open for you.

Career Groups
If you are looking for a job in a given industry of field such as nursing, contact local organizations affiliated with that career choice. For example, local hospitals and doctors’ offices, uniform supply stores, pharmacies could all be sources of information on who is hiring. Being bashful won’t get it done.

Local Colleges and Universities
Many schools of higher learning have placement centers and job search assistance. They may offer classes on things you can do to improve your chances of being hired. They also offer job fairs throughout the year.

Local Municipalities
City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce and other local government entities often know about new businesses or the state of existing businesses in the community. Sometimes they will sponsor job fairs. They can be an excellent source of information on what’s going on in the job market in your community.

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  1. Almost everything now is very easy to do, with the help of technology Job searches is just a click of a mouse. And aside from the job sites that offers wide selections of job, there are also networking sites that are very useful in looking for a job. Like for example Facebook, it’s very popular and most businesses have now utilizing Facebook in getting new employee.

    • True, Facebook can be a great job resource. For that reason, it’s a pretty good idea to always make sure your Facebook looks professional and would be acceptable to a potential employer.

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