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Q: What are high paying jobs to look into that don’t require many degrees?

A: This is definitely something you would have to do some personal research on receiving results that will benefit you with the degree you currently hold. But on a basic level some high-paying jobs that do not require high level degrees or any at all are: Personal trainers who require the knowledge but only require a high school degree, message therapist, electronic technicians, and graphic designers all which require minimal degrees though are highly paid.

Q: I lost my job. How can I come back and find jobs easily? Are there any jobs that pay well and are fairly easy to get?

A: To begin with, the smartest and most efficient thing you can do is start applying and filling out job application to as many places you’d like and can. Job availability is very much dependant on your area, each having different availably factors. Though there isn’t necessarily an “easy” job to get some are easier and require less from you to get. Fields such as retail is always easy to get into, positions varying depending on your knowledge and experience or banking which also has ascending positions varying by experience.

Q: I want to start a business. What kind of help (grants or money) can I get?

A: There are many grants available to those who want to start businesses.  First, the best place to look is as they have many grants that they offer that may work for your new business. After that you can try out non- profits and the government for some more grants. You will have more success if you are starting a small business and if you have a nice pitch and plan to sell your new business.

Q: How can I expand my business for continued success?

A: The best way to expand your business is to move it to the internet. No matter what your business model is, there is always space of the internet. Also, expand your business with the help of business grants for single mothers. After that, you can start selling new products and reach out to new costumers for maximum expansion of your business.

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  1. Hi.I am a 34 year old mom of 5 boys.I have been through so many struggles. I’m certified in Medical Assisting but have yet to find a job. Trying to make it in this tough economy is hard especially if you are a parent. My kid’s stability depends on me a my career.Finding a stable home can never be managed if you don’t have job stability .We’ve had to move back with my mom again because of this. I mean, you look at the news and see all of these people getting homes for there families with the help of celebrities and different organizations. My son says I have to much pride to reach out to anyone,Deeply I know it’s true but, I just want them to know I can be the mom they use to know. When you see people you know getting things just as easy as you when you know you try just as hard to make things happen the right way, I have to admit, I don’t feel jealous but, some sort of bitterness after a while. It’s like, what does it take and who can I reach out to? It really hurt to see them stressing because we have to burden someone and they have to sleep uncomfortable because hey, there’s only three rooms.My mom and two sisters also live there. The roof is greatly appreciated but, its only adding stress, frustration, and misery to the family. When i’m not searching for a job and the kids are not at school, I try to take them to the park or visit people until it’s bed time just to keep things from being so tense for everyone. My kids well being are more important than anything. But I need a stable home, job, and life to make sure they are happy. When it gets to the point where you are afraid to have your mail sent to your place because you may not be there from one month to the next, something has to give. I always give my moms address for a mailing address. I’m on the edge here.Please tell me there is someone I can turn to. Please guide me in the right direction

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