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When it comes to being a working single mom, the two most important factors in a job are salary and flexibility. Single moms must support their families often on just one income with no outside support. Children have needs like transportation and education as well as health issues that can impact the hours a mom can work. For these reasons, choosing a job that pays well and allows a certain degree of flexibility is of the utmost importance.

Often those things are determined on a company by company basis. While one may offer flexible work hours, the pay can be lower than needed. Those that pay well are often demanding and don’t offer the needed flexibility. However, some career fields are more likely to offer both than others. Sales, public relations, health care and real estate are among them Careers in education general have set hours but are usually compatible with the hours a single mom’s own children are in school. A good resource for finding family-friendly companies to work for is Working Mother magazine’s annual list of 100 best companies for working mothers.

Age of Children

The age of a single mom’s children has significant bearing on the jobs she is open to. Younger children require that mom have a greater degree of flexibility in her work schedule. Older children may be able to stay by themselves for slightly longer periods, get themselves on the morning bus or home after school. Teenagers, a much more independent group, can handle some of the household chores and even look after younger siblings, opening up other opportunities for working moms.

Work at or from Home

Some companies offer options for working from home. You may have to work in the office for a year or more to foster a relationship or trust before you can do this. Other companies hire people to work strictly from home. Many companies with call centers are actually people working over the telephone and computer from their homes. Often these types of jobs offer a great deal of flexibility in work hours.

Creative jobs like writing, photography and others also allow you to work from home and set your own hours. Providing house cleaning services or child care in your home are other options. Any of these can be set up around your own children’s hours so you can be available when you are needed.

There are many sites that offer to help moms work from home. Be careful when it comes to companies that want you to buy anything in order to get started. Often but not always, these are unscrupulous companies praying a mother’s desire to stay home with her children. A legitimate company will be paying you and providing you with the necessary materials to do the job though some may require that you have your own computer, telephone and Internet service.

There are actually numerous opportunities for job for single moms. It requires a little research, self-discipline and a willingness to think outside of the box to find them sometimes.


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