Making Your Presence Felt at A New Job


Starting a new job can be a scary thing depending on the position you have and the place you are working. In some places every position is vital to keep the place running, while in other places few positions require prioritizing. Singles mom starting a new job, it can be a feeling of having a baby all over again. When you walk in the first day of your job you tend to get run over by the rush of things and get hidden beneath all the work. If you want make sure that you are recognized and appreciated for your work you have to put in the effort to get your presence felt with so many hardworking colleagues. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Get working

Being your first day, it makes sense you want see the place, where everything is how everything works and want to introduce yourself you the people you are going to be working with but after a few exchanges in  “hellos” and “how are you” get to work. Don’t be the staff member that spends there whole day talking to people keeping themselves and others from working, it would be a waste of work time that you could be using to get build yourself to the top.

Take Initiative

If you see something or some work that needs to be taken care of don’t wait around for someone else to step in and do it. Take responsibility and do it yourself, that makes you look efficient in front of your colleagues and your boss. It makes you a person who sees a problem and solves it with making a huge deal about it.

Have class

There are two ways to make your presence felt at your new job, in a positive way or negative way. You don’t want to be the person who is known for slacking off and doing half-finished work. It will make your boss regret he/she hired you and jeopardize your position. Furthermore, you want to make sure you are dressed appropriately. When you are amongst many people there is a lot of moving around, getting up and down, you want to make sure that you are well covered and don’t show anything that make you look like you don’t have any sophistication.

Be loud and clear

When you are in a crowd of people, if you are a shy person you will remain as well as your idea are going to remain hidden amongst the crowd. You want to make sure that you are heard! If you have an idea, objection, suggestions make sure you express yourself and say it. You will never be in trouble for speaking as long as you speak during the right time or when permitted, but if don’t, then what ever you had to say will never be heard, it could have been that idea that gets your presence made. So don’t be the awkward turtle that sits back and listen. Speak up and speak loud.

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