Management Skills Needed when Working from Home

Every once in a while things work out perfectly for the single mom. The dreamed for opportunity allowing her to earn money working from home presents itself and mom realizes that this will be a good way to earn income and save on day care. In some cases, she will also be allowed to work flexible hours so that she can spend quality time with the children, be available to all of their needs and still complete the work she has accepted responsibility for.

No matter what type of work the single mom is doing at home, she won’t find the rewards she was hoping for unless she can master time management. It’s amazing how other people can eat away at the hours that were scheduled for working. The trick to keeping other people and projects from taking time away from the work from job is to stop the damaging practice before it has a chance to start.

Time Thieves

The single mom who plans to work from home may anticipate that her kids will be her biggest distraction. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case. The practical mom has already acknowledged that one of the benefits of working from home is that she will be available to meet the needs of her family and has scheduled the hours that she will devote to work around the children. Unless an emergency occurs, the time to devote to the kids has already been factored in.

It’s the adults in the single mom’s life who will do the most damage to the work schedule for the woman who works at home. Friends and family often can’t understand that it’s just as inappropriate to drop in for a quick visit or call to chat for a mom working from home as it would be if she worked in an office or other setting. No matter how many times you try to discourage interruptions during your work hours, others often can’t seem to understand that your employment isn’t as flexible as they think it is. It’s up to the single mom to employ her management skills and be confident in the fact that she is the one who has to control her schedule.

Don’t be afraid to let a phone call go to voice mail. If someone knocks at the door, ignore it or be prepared to be firm about the fact that you are busy and just don’t have time to take a break for a cup of coffee or a quick shopping trip. There is no reason for you to allow others to take time away from your job, making it necessary to make up the work hours during family time or even by staying up late at night to finish the work. Don’t be afraid to spell it out for them if they seem to be unable to understand.

Never lose sight of why working from home was your goal. While it’s okay to rearrange your work schedule if it benefits you or the kids, don’t let other people use up your time just because they assume that you’re not busy.

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