Myth: No Jobs without Degrees – How to Land High paying Jobs Without A Higher Degree


Often times, Single Mothers feel as if they aren’t able to get a high paying job if they don’t have a college degree or an adequate education. There are jobs without degrees available! Usually it is because single mothers have had to sacrifice their education. However, single mothers can rest assured because it is possible to make a comfortable living even without being top-notch or college level educated.

Yes, not having a degree does limit you in several ways, because when hiring occurs, they make sure to find the most qualified applicants. Don’t let this discourage you, however, because surprisigly there are a number of jobs that are actually available to you — even without a degree. Many of these jobs are very well paying and are good enough for single mothers to support their families with.

Remember, it is a bit harder and will require a lot more dedication, but it is worth it. There are many jobs without degrees in which you can make up to $100,000 without a formal education.

Just a list of jobs that pay high (and don’t need a college degree), as according to

Jobs Available without A Degree

You may not make a 6 figure earing right off the bat, but it is very doable with some hard work.  However, they will have a much higher payout than the average $30,000/ per year (the amount of money someone with only a high school diploma earns).

How to Be Competitive for the Job

Also, a good way to enhance a couple of skills before a job is to brush up at a community college for a really low cost. Going back to earn some more credentials may also help when trying to get these jobs to work out for you. This may even be good to learn or revise some concepts that you haven’t thought much about since High School, to be fresh and ready for whatever the job might throw at you.

Some of these careers also have a training period in which you will have to learn a little of the ins and outs of the career you are planning to pursue. Some of these jobs do have extensive training, but if you put in effort, something good will turn out. Going through training will also put you in a better position when it comes to getting hired for the job.

This is not to say that having a college degree won’t help with even more opportunities and job options. Remember, there are lots of single mom education help grants and organizations that may help you get back into school. Some of these jobs also provide specific scholarships if that is something that you are looking into, such as nursing.

However, if a college degree is not in your realm, you can make do with just a GED or high school diploma with some of the jobs without degrees mentioned above. For many single mothers this is great news because this opens the door in many ways and lets single mothers aspire for more.



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