Nursing Scholarships for Women


Nursing Scholarships for Women

Women who are looking for a career that is rewarding and emotionally fulfilling are often toward the field of nursing careers. They are often surprised to find out that the area that they have chosen is the fastest growing in the Country.

A shrinking workforce and an aging population combine to make nursing opportunities available throughout the United States. By the year 2018 it’s expected that 22% more nursing jobs available. That’s about 581,500 more nursing jobs that will be waiting for you.

There aren’t a lot of professions that offer the range of specialties and areas to work as nursing does. Services are need in outpatient facilities, Doctors’ offices, general and surgical hospitals, home health services and nursing car facilities. Starting salaries are high compared to other industries.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Service Administration offers a selective program aimed to help to alleviate what they have identified as a critical shortage of nurses in some types of health care facilities. The Nursing Scholarship Program helps needy students finish their training. Once the nurses graduate they agree to work at the health facilities for a minimum of 2 years in exchange for the scholarship.

Half of the program funds go to those students who are working toward a master’s level nurse practitioner degree. The participants have to serve at a Critical Shortage Facility, an eligible health care facility in a mental health or primary care Health Professional Shortage Area.

The facility will offer a competitive salary and benefits for the nurse fulfilling the service commitment.

The Nursing Scholarship Program will pay tuition, eligible fees, eligible and reasonable costs for clinical supplies, books, instruments and uniforms. During the 2012 to 2013 school year, a monthly stipend of $1,289 was paid by the program.

In 2011, 395 applicants received the scholarships offered by the government program. Preference is shown to those qualified applicants who show the grates financial need. These applicants must be either enrolled or accepted for enrollment with an undergraduate nursing program that is accredited. The other option is enrollment in a Master’s nurse practitioner program. Either enrollment must be full time.

To be eligible to receive the scholarship, the applicant must be a U.S. citizen, either born or naturalized, or nationals or lawful permanent residents. The must be free from Federal judgment liens, existing service commitments and not be delinquent on Federal debt.

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