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Q: How can I make up for my kids not having a fatherly figure in their lives?

A: Growing up without a father can be a difficult so you want to make sure that you never highlight the fact or make them realize absence of a fatherly figure with that said, you want to make sure that you are fulfilling a “motherly” and “fatherly” role coincidentally. You have to be the one who plays sports, or actively communicating/attending all sport events, taking part in building actives, teaching them to do things you wouldn’t otherwise. Be there for your children, never let your work or other priorities take more importance then your children, remember you need to give them twice the attention.

Q: What are some fun ways to spend time with my kids?

A: Remember all kids are different, while some enjoys be active outside others enjoy simple activity indoors, know what your kid’s hobbies and choices are and think from that. You don’t always have to go to extravagant limits to have fun; attending amusement parks and spending a lot of money should be something attended in timely durations. For a daily basis, do what your kids want you to do not what you think, leave the option in your kids hands, ask them and allow them to give input for the day’s plans.

Q: I don’t have enough money to buy my kids clothes for the winter. Is there any help?

A: Yes there is, if you qualify you can receive TANF which is temporary assistance for needy families and they financially help support families who are unable to do so on there own. Also, you can apply for financial assistance for single moms to help you pay for your winter clothes.

Q: If my kids are rude, how can I get them to stop?

A: Firstly, you have to establish the fact that you are their elder and they have to respect you. Letting them go is not a good idea, instead, maintain authority in a nice way so that there is mutual respect. Also don’t be afraid of punishment if needed.

Q: Do kids learn at daycare, or should they stay home?

A: Daycare is a good option for little kids so that they get accustomed to leaving the house and being without their parents. This way kids are forced to interact with others and they open to new people and learn new things. Even if they just attend a part time daycare, it is a good idea to have kids be exposed to new friends and new teachers so that they learn interacting with others at a very young age.

Q: What is a good way for my kids to get exercise?

A: The best way for your kids to get out and start moving is to simply take them to the park when you have time. You would be surprised at how much kids enjoy the park and how willing they are to spend hours there. Another option (maybe a bit expensive) is to enroll them in a soccer, baseball, or even swim league/team. This way they exercise at games and practices and improve a skill in a certain sport.



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  1. cristina cavoto on

    how can I get government financial assistance for child care. I work part time, my hours are cut and I need financial help monthly. I am sinmgle mother, the father of my child has no job and cannot give me any money for child support. i have WIC, but no one can give me help with child care or other things my child needs. thank you, cristina cavoto

  2. Anyone with advice, would appreciate it. I divorced a year ago, and I haveone child. We have split custody. He takes a quarter of the child support a month, whereas I receive three quarters of it. We have every other year for the child. My question is, the father has not spent anytime with the child. He has called our child three times in a year. He never took our child to a doctor’s appointment–nothing whatsoever one would do with a child. It is now a year after, and nothing improved. The money i receive for the child does not even add up to what is needed. Any suggestions? Please help, Thank you

  3. From my previous comment, I meant to say we have every other year to file for our child for taxes. Thank you for your help.

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