Planning Ahead While In School


Going to school while taking care of a family is commendable. IT takes planning, organizing and commitment. You can put so much into making sure everyone is taken care of and that you are keeping up with your studies that you may forget to look a little farther ahead in your own future.

Next Semester

At the beginning of a semester, you may be caught up in the excitement of new classes or the anxiety of returning to school after years away from studying. Make sure when you pick your classes that you speak with an advisor about the rest of your classes. Some are only offered once a year or at certain times of the day. Make sure you plan classes so that your subsequent semesters fall effortlessly into place and there are no surprises.

Graduate School

Will you be pursuing a graduate degree? Have you made sure that the course work you are doing will transfer to your graduate school? Are there any special requirements for graduate degree that will impact your personal life? Some degrees require that work an internship which could take you away from home. Make sure you know these kinds of details before you get started.

Job Markets

Are you willing to move, perhaps out of state, to find a job in the field you are going to school for? If not, have you checked the job market where you live? There is nothing worse than going to school to study in a particular field that you feel passionate about and then discovering there are no local jobs in that industry.

Finding a Job

How will you find work once you graduate? Have you started networking? Talk to people working in your field, particularly when you are in your last year. Join associations related to your field and begin searching online job boards and forums about information leading to jobs. Even though you are still in school, you may possess the skill sets an employer is looking for. He may be willing to wait or to offer you an internship or part time work until you graduate.

Getting a college education is an excellent decision but you have keep looking forward to the future throughout the process. From choosing classes, schools and fields of study to where you want to live and work, the decisions you make now will guide your life for years to come.

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