Should You Settle for Any Job After a Layoff?


Single moms face the challenge of needing to work to support their children. While there are some wonderful fathers who do pay their child support many times the opposite is true and as a single mom you end up burning the candle at both ends just to make ends meet. When you get laid off it can be tempting to settle for any job you can find. There are pros and cons to that situation and before you accept a job you should consider the options.

Settling for Minimal Hours and Minimal Pay

If you accept a job at a place where you probably won’t be making enough to cover day care costs for the few hours you get to work each week, you are probably better off waiting and continuing your job search. It can be tempting to say that it’s a temporary job and that you’ll keep looking for another job, but what are the chances of having time to go to interviews, scour the want ads and distribute resumes while you’re trying to earn enough to live on? There are several programs through Social Services that will help you while you are in between good jobs. There is no need to settle.

Room to Advance

If you find an entry level position that offers the potential to advance then you may want to consider the pay cut or the longer commute. Job security and the possibility or promotions and career growth are positive reasons to settle for a job that you really don’t feel is best for you. Think of it as a temporary position like a trial period before you can move up to the position you really want.

Varying Schedule

A varying schedule is a problem for many single moms. Daycare hours and time to spend with your children often get compromised when you vary between day and evening shifts, rotating weekends and other scheduling problems. If taking a job will keep you from having quality time with your children, will cost you more in child care and create a stressful situation for your child it may be best to wait until you find a job that won’t alter your schedule quite so much. Children can become quite distressed when Mommy isn’t home to tuck them in, or they go to bed and the babysitters only to be awoken a few hours later to go home.

I know that being without a job after a layoff is a big concern, but no matter how tempting it may be to settle for any job that comes along make sure you take the time to weigh the pros and cons before accepting a job that will disrupt your family life.

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“Sass has had the experience of making ends meet as a single mother of two unruly boys and loves to share what she has learned with other moms who may be struggling with the same situations. Even in a two parent household times get tight and learning to manage money and teach your children to manage money is a huge investment in your family’s future. There are all sorts of tips and tricks as well as assistance programs to help single moms and Sass wants to help you find them!


  1. There are so many “what if’s’” when we experience lay off, and because of that sometimes we just pick any job just to safe. This is very hard for us mostly if you are a single mom.

  2. Yes it’s better if you take the first job to offer you, and if later you don’t feel like it’s good enough for you, you can always find another.

  3. It is never good to accept a temporary job like you say you won’t have time to look for another one, and you won’t get your bills payed off.

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