Single Moms Can Find Help from the Government


It’s true that the government is slashing funding for programs that help low income citizens, but there is still help available. Many of the programs run out of money and close the application process, but if this happens to you, ask when more funds become available and if you can reapply. Some programs will save your paperwork while others make it your responsibility to initiate the application process from the beginning. The best advice to applying for these programs is to keep up with the news about the funding process and contact the individual departments about the funding status on a regular basis.

One of the best ways to keep up with the information on government programs that can be of benefit to the single mom is by contacting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. HHS is the primary agency in the US protecting health and providing the essential human services. Those who are the most vulnerable and less able to help themselves can especially find assistance through HHS.

State and county services are often funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Private sector grantees often are able to offer assistance thanks to funding through HHS.

Finding Help for Child Care

Paying for child care while you go to work often is a hardship for the single mom. It can often interfere with the job hunting process if you have to hire someone that you trust to take care of the kids while you are out looking for a job. There aren’t a lot of single moms whose budgets allow for the extra expense without some money coming in. There are government resources available when you need affordable child care and parents should look into the possibility that they are eligible to take advantage of it.

The National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center is a resource and referral agency that can help single moms find affordable child care. Child Care Aware a free federally funded service can help you locate a local CCR&R who will be able to give you assistance in finding out if you are qualified for subsidized or even free child care.  Call Child Care Aware at 800-424-2246 and ask for the nearest local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency, also known a CC$&R for information on special funding options that may be available to you.

For single moms who have children between the ages of three and five, Head Start is a place to look for assistance. If the children are younger, Early Head Start is the program that serves infants and toddlers. Parents usually have to be low income to be eligible for assistance, but if you are at the Federal Poverty Level or lower, you may qualify.

Temporary Assistance

The TANF program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is a federally funded program that may be able to help the single mom with time limited assistance when the basic needs of the family cannot be met. This program is administered on a state level. Ask for more information at your local Department of Health and Human Services.


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