Single Parent Support Groups

Everyone is unique. Your children are as unique as you are. But that doesn’t mean that as a single parent all of your problems are unique. Members of a single parent support group share information and experiences on the issues that are faced in homes with a single parent. The past, present and future issues of the parent and the children in the broken home are supported. Chances are that no matter what problem you are facing, someone else has successfully found a solution and are willing to help you face the challenge.

A community of single parents working together can be a benefit to all. Individual talents and experiences can be shared to help another member in need. Sometimes the need may be to find education funds for a child, and sometimes the need is just for a conversation with another adult over a cup of coffee.

There are different types of support. Some are purely social groups and others offer practical assistance in running a household. Some meet weekly while others get together less often. Find out the focus of the support group that you are thinking about joining to make sure that it’s the best group for you.

What will you do with the kids during a single parent support group meeting? If childcare is provided, find out what the fee is. In some cases, the members take turns caring for the children, so it may be important to find out how often that will be required.

Most support groups for single parents charge membership dues. There may be benefits associated with the fees like access to a website offering resources. Sometimes the membership includes a parenting publication. In most cases, the monthly or yearly dues are used to pay for the programs that the group offers. If the fees are too expensive, don’t be afraid to ask if a scholarship or discount is available.

If none of the single parenting support groups in your area fits your needs, form a group of your own. Let your friends, neighbors and co-workers know that you are forming a group and that if they know single parents, you would appreciate them passing on the information. The group that you build can be supportive of the issues that you feel should be addressed. You are not the only single parent who is passionate about helping others. Find other single parents who can offer encouragement and support on the troubling issues that you are facing — and the resources to work around it.

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