Top Careers for Women – Are Any of Them for You?


It’s not always true that you have to sacrifice part of your life in order to earn a good living in a career field that fulfills your goals of being financially independent. You can find success in the business world and still have enough time to enjoy your life and your family.

Personal Financial Adviser

One of the most popular careers for woman is that of a financial adviser. About 35% of people in this field are self employed. It is estimated that the industry will grow by 30% by the year 2018. Median wage in 2012 for a financial advisor is $69,050, but the top 10$ earn $166.400.

The field also includes the job titles of Investment Specialist and Wealth Manager and Planner

To be successful a business background is required. Depending on what you want the career to include, you will need 3 years of planning expiring to become a member in the National Association of Personal Financial advisers. To charge a fee for services you might have to get a Series 65 license and if you want to sell stocks and bonds a Series 7 license may be needed.

Physical and Occupational Therapist

Jobs in the health field area are a good career choice for women. The growth rate for the industry is estimated to grow by 26% for Occupational Therapists and by 30% for Physical Therapists by 2018.

The field includes job titles of Rehabilitation Services Director and Speech Therapist.

The average earnings of an Occupational Therapist in 2012 hovers around $66,780 while Physical Therapists earn slightly more with the average being $72,790. The top 10% in the field earn approximately $100,000 a year.

It’s also a good field for entrepreneur opportunities. 28% of OTs and 15% of PTs are self employed, working full or part time as they choose.

The educational requirements are a clinical doctoral degree or masters from an accredited program. National certifying exams must also be passed.


The health industry offers great opportunities for a career as a Pharmacist, Pharmacy Services Director, Clinical Coordinator or Pharmacy Technician. In addition to a state license, pharmacists have to graduate with a PharmD degree.

The field is expected to grow 17% by 2018. The majority of women pharmacists work in hospitals, health care plans or retail chains, but there are also opportunities to be self employed as consultants or to own their own pharmacies.

There is no reason to feel that you have to neglect your family to have a good career with a promising future. Plan your education wisely by finding a field that you will enjoy that gives you an opportunity to work regular hours so that you have time for a personal life as well as a professional life.

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