Traditional Office Jobs Ideal for Single Moms


When it comes to single mom’s employment opportunities, office jobs are often ideal. Whether you find office work at a school or courthouse, for a small business or a large company many times the scheduling and pay are just what a single mom is looking for.

If your children are in school then a set amount of daytime hours is convenient, if your children attend daycare while you work daytime hours are easier to find and afford. Choosing an office job is not just a smart financial choice because of the pay you will earn but also because it allows you to save on child care.

Office jobs often entail what used to be considered secretarial skills. Filing, answering phones, data entry, and organization are the basics these days. Office jobs cover any number of positions from receptionist to secretary and administrative assistant. Another good thing about office jobs is that many times you can arrange to do some work from home or via telecommuting. This is a great option when you have a sick child or appointments because it allows you to still earn money on what would normally be a day off.

The income for an office job varies based on the job duties, your experience and the size of the company. However many typically pay a few dollars more than minimum wage and if the job is a full time position you can often get benefits such as health insurance and sick time.

When it comes to finding a job that will support you and your children office jobs may not seem to be a viable option based strictly on the income possibilities, but when you factor in the general scheduled hours, saving on child care and benefits it can be quite a good position.

Raises and the possibility to advance in a company are also a good incentive to look into an office job, if you are able to get in at this level and work to earn a degree while you work there are many positions you could advance to that generally have the same hours and increased benefits. As a full time job or as a rung on the corporate ladder traditional office jobs are often ideal for single moms.

No matter what sort of career you plan to have your immediate need is to provide for your children and if an office job is what will help you make ends meet, then that makes it a good job.

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“Sass has had the experience of making ends meet as a single mother of two unruly boys and loves to share what she has learned with other moms who may be struggling with the same situations. Even in a two parent household times get tight and learning to manage money and teach your children to manage money is a huge investment in your family’s future. There are all sorts of tips and tricks as well as assistance programs to help single moms and Sass wants to help you find them!


  1. Big corporate companies of course can provide you with a lot of benefits and higher salary than any job can offer. But be sure to still have time to spend for your kids to avoid losing their affection, sometime being busy in office works can lose your time to be with your kids.

  2. I prefer working at home so that I can take care of my kids and guide them while they are growing up. Working at home gives me enough salary and I can say that I found the job that pays the bills. I can also give my family needs. You should try working at home.

  3. Working at the office as a single mother is the best thing, I have a friend who is a single mother of 2 boys and she works at an office at their school, not that great for the kids, but it offers her a lot of benefits.

    • Working at a place like a school, especially a college, can offer incredible benefits to your kids – like free tuition.

  4. Home based jobs are also a good choice for single moms, because of time that it can give for your kids, however being in a company will widen your expertise and skills, plus the benefits it can give like insurance and health care.

    • Sometimes you can strike deals with bosses too … you may start out in a traditional setting, but once you convince them of your value and work-ethic, they may be more than willing to let you work from home.

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