Transportation Assistance : Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I need transportation assistance to get from place to place? What should I use?

A: To go from place to place temporarily, public transport is the best way. There are many bus, train and light rail systems to help you get from place to place at a low cost. However, the payments may add up, in which case, having your own car probably becomes a must. In that case, try and look for a cheap affordable car. Your best bet is probably a used car for maximum investment. Remember, make sure to sure save up for your car and plan wisely and find out if you really need it.

Q: I need a car to get to work and back, what is the best way to get a car?

A: Firstly, you should try and see if using public transportation is an option, if you are tight on money taking the bus/train will save you a buying cost and weekly gas cost, buying a year pass would be much cheaper, especially if it only to commute to work and back. Otherwise, you want to buy a car that gives you good gas mileage such as a hybrid, civics, cars with 4-cylinder, and fully eclectic cars that can save you the extra gas cost.

 Q: I don’t have enough money for a new car. Will a used car sustain?

A: Sometimes used cars are the best value for money. This is because many cars depreciate once they are out of the dealers and you avoid the extra costs that a new car has (such as taxes). But remember, buying a used car requires a lot more research to make sure you are getting a good deal. You want to make sure the car you are committing to is good in terms of price and quality. Many people sell their cars in good condition. To verify your purchase, look at car title papers, the car’s milage, and check out the car’s interior and exterior and make sure there is nothing wrong with the car.

Q: Can I buy a car without paying interest on it?

A: Yes, there are ways you can avoid the interest. Many dealers have the option of zero-percent financing, which means you do not pay any interest on top of the principle for the car. However, avoiding interest means that you will have to pay the price back faster. If you pay the interest, you will pay smaller amounts of money for a longer period of time, however with the zero percent financing option, you are paying back larger chunks of money in a shorter period of time. With that being said, many people prefer the zero percent option because they save money in the long run, even though it can be a bit tougher to pay it back initially. You can ask the car dealer for any other negotiations they would be willing to male.


Q: If I use the bus very often, are there special discounts for me?

A:  Usually when you are using the bus or any other type of public transport very often for your transportation, many promotional offers are available. For that situation, it is best to just buy some sort of a weekly or monthly pass so that you are saving money because that is your main stream of transport. Ask around for other promotional offers as well to make it more affordable to travel using the many public transport options available


Q: What is the best way to find used cars?

A: There are many places you can look for used cars, and more often than not, you will find them by chance, rather than searching for them. A good place to look is craigslist as people in your area will post about cars that they are selling. This is great because you can deal locally and not have to go too far for the car. Just watch out for scams. Another option is reading the newspaper in the classifieds section. You will probably find some good (maybe salvaged) cars there as well. And lastly, you can always go to the dealers and ask for a used car with discounts.

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  1. Tanairis Guzman on

    I am 25 years old, single mom, trying my best to raise my 4 year old daughter. I have a job it allows me to pay my rent, and I get food stamps to put bread on the table. I hope I can touch someone’s heart…if you have a decent car that can take me to and from to work, I would surely appreciate it. Having to hitch rides to and from to work after walking almost one mile to take my daughter to babysit. Life is so hard without a car to move around. God I ask you to touch somebody deep in their heart to help me out. You can contact my at tgaz6300@ Please someone help.

  2. christine anderson on

    hi iam a single l mom with 2 kids i lost my job do to getting very sick i had a stomach decease i lost my home and am force to stay from place to place in need of a car to fine another job and get kids back in forth to school please help

  3. I am a single mother of 2 girls and my world turned upside down a couple months ago when lost my job my van broke down, not once but twice the auto shop screwed it up even more and now wont take it back in to fix it.Someone hacked my bank account stole my identity. I haven’t had gas for heat, I’m about to be evicted I’ have been a volunteer community outreach liaison helping those in need for over 20 yrs and now I suddenly am the one in need! Calling on Angels! help please

  4. Sheena Brooks on

    Hello. Was wondering if anyone in the Milwaukee area would know of any assistance for single parents to receive grants for cars.

    Thank you

  5. I need your help to donate me 500 between 1,000.oo dollars, because I go to pick up my wife from Indiana to come home here in Idaho. Please help to donate me around about 1,000 dollars bec of fill up gas and sleep hotel. I have to drive there 2 days then come home 2 days.
    thank you,

  6. Hello my name is cassy, iam a single mother of two children, my 8 year old had three open heart surgeries and in need to get to the cardiologist he will need a transplant and i have to travel far, i have another child i have to be home for from school on time, no family or friends, please help, 5167494010.

  7. Destiney Headley on

    Single mother of two boys desperately in need of a car My oldest son suffers from Asthma and I am disabled and need to be able to get the children to the doctor and myself as well! Please help us! I have to go out of town with my son and the local hospital closed due to no funding! Please help me to have transportation to atleast get my son to the hospital when he’s having asthma attacks and its like 40 miles to nearest emergency room!!! You could save his life! I am begging for your help!!!!!!

  8. I am a single mom and have had the same job for almost 5 years. I have had two used vehicles in the past year that have broke down (and not fixable). I have been using public transportation for the last 4 months but must move in the next couple of weeks to where public transportation is about a mile walk and then takes about 1 1/2 hours to get to work. I have found a good reliable car but am about $500 short and need assistance. Does anyone know how to get some assistance of this kind without taking out a payday loan?

  9. Hello my name is shelbi. I think its great what you are doing. I’m not tring to be a suck up either. Lol well here it goes I have been in and out of places. tring everything to take care of my baby boy he will b 2. I got my taxs back finley got my own apt. And finley my son has his own room we have been here a week I bought a car and it quit on me the timimg belt broke an its siting in Wal-mart parking lot I don’t have the money to tow it back. I lost my job because of it an couldn’t take my son to day care and my job didn’t. Care but if you or anyone can help me out with a car I will work it off I will do anything I can’t lose my apt. I still have boxes to unpack but I’m good on my word an I will help any1 that can help me I don’t ask for help I don’t even like getting food stamps there’s always some1 that needs them more I think but now I’m stuck an need help bad with a car I will scrap my car an give the money to who ever would like to help me I’m down to the last think I can think of. Thank you so much for hearing me out. I am very greatfull that there’s this opertunity to ask. Thank you my email is shelbi35knapp@gmail anything will help!

  10. I live in Stead and work in Sparks, NV and jusr sold my old decrepit vehicle and only got $700.00 for it, I really need an inexpensive car to get to work. If anyone knows of anything, I check Craigslist everyday.

    Thank you

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