Transportation to College – Are You Going Green?


If you are finding that you are having a harder time getting around the college campus that you thought you would, don’t feel alone. Even if you have your own car, the single mom may find out that once she arrives at the school she can’t find a parking place.

Believe it or not, this is not because you’ve arrived on a particularly busy day or because the school has not paid attention to the parking requirements of the students. The shortage of parking places is meant to encourage carpooling and the use of public transportation.

It’s all a part of actions to comply with the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. As part of an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, colleges have worked to reduce the number of vehicles that contribute to air pollution by encouraging their students to find other means of transportation.

Schools have used tactics like raising parking fees to discourage students from using their own, cars even when parking space was available, to encourage carpooling. They have worked with local transportation authorities to allow free transit to college students who don’t possess parking passes. They are even working to make the learning facilities easier for pedestrian and bicyclists to get from area to area.

The single mom can take advantage of the ACUPCC initiative and save some money at the same time she is helping to save the environment. Contact your local public transportation authority for information on how public transit can get you from home to class. Check for maps that show pick up and drop off points. Many larger campuses have several areas that are serviced so that the transit system doesn’t cause a hardship on the student.

Contact the admissions department of the school to find out how to apply for free or reduced transportation if you need documentation. Ask the admissions department about your personal safety as you use the public transit system, especially if you will be using it after dark.

If public transportation in your area just will not work for you, work out carpooling arrangements with other students with similar class schedules. Be flexible when making the arrangements. Even though it will be easier for you to be picked up at home, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding in joining a car pool if you drive your vehicle to a central location and get picked up there for the rest of the trip.

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