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Being a single mom, you want to be able to give your children the attention they deserve without over-stretching yourself. That’s why having to go to work, coming home, making dinner, helping the children with homework may not be the most ideal situation you’d want to be in. So how about working at home? A travel agent receives high pay and is able to work from home. That way you are able to get done with your everyday household needs and still be able to assist your children.


Job Description: As a travel agent you have to attend to all the incoming calls regarding making or rescheduling reservations and booking flights. This job requires 24×7 availability, which means you may receive a phone call any time during the night or day. You have to make sure you are aware at all times and are available to take calls


Skills: You need to have good communicating skills. You should be able to talk to costumers without any hesitations and be able to answers all their questions or concerns. Furthermore, you should be a light sleeper because if you receive a call at 4 in the morning you need to be able to consciously talk and assist the costumer. To become a travel agent you need to be over the age of 21. This job requires you to have a certain amount to experience and maturity which adults should have.To become a travel agent you need to have prior experience in the traveling based career. You need to have some sort of relation to the profession. Furthermore, you will need to take some training classes on how to become a travel agent to learn about the basic job requirements. Be sure you are up to date with all the flight information and hotel information to be able to answer basic itinerary questions.


Suits people with: This job is for people who enjoy traveling and are knowledgeable in the information required for the job. Furthermore, it is a good line for people who are social and have good communicating skills. As a travel agent, you will be advising people on places to stay or visit, so you may want to buy books that may help you be more familiar with famous visiting sites through the world. Furthermore, since much of the work is done on a computer you want to make sure that you have one that functions well and has a high internet speed.Being a travel agent you need to be able to use a computer comfortably. You need to know its functions and know what to do if something comes up. Furthermore, you should be able to use Microsoft office products and be efficient with at least one GDS system. Also, you need to be happy while greeting your costumers. This job is not fit for those who are unable to create a cheerful atmosphere around them.


Bottom-Line: Being a travel agent is wonderful for singles mom considering they are able to attend to all their personal need at home while doing their job. It would be highly convenient for any single mom to have this job. It would lower your stress level dramatically, and you would be in a great position for yourself and kids!


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