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After the initial shock of discovering you’ve become one of the millions of unemployed Americans, one of the first things you need to do is look into the what unemployment benefits are available in your state, particularly in the area of job search assistance.

Many states have computer job-skill matching services that can assist in looking for a job. Typically, you are required to complete a profile with information about your education and job skills, which will give you the opportunity to let potential employers know what you are capable of. Include your most reliable contact information so that if a job matches your skills, you will get the notification quickly.

Other information you might be asked to supply is any veteran information. You may be asked how far you are willing to travel for a job, and what the minimum pay is that you will accept for a job. You might be asked the type of work you are seeking such as office, factory or retail as well as whether or not you have a shift preference.

Skills that might be evaluated could include whether you have any special transportation skills such as a CDL license, or the ability to operate a forklift. They may inquire as to whether you speak multiple languages. Other common skills you might want to include are computer skills and physical skills. As you progress through the profile, the program will begin to request more specialized information pertaining to actual job skills and the level of expertise you have. It is important to be as accurate as possible when completing all phases of the profile to ensure a good match.

Employers go through a similar process when they are in need of employees. Companies can post their vacant positions and the necessary skills needed to meet their job requirements. The computer then matches our skills with those needed for any open jobs in the system.

Once you have created an account, you can log into the system whenever you like. New jobs are added regularly, so it is a good idea to check the postings frequently. Failure to check frequently, or at a minimum at least once a week, could mean you miss an opportunity.

While each state’s job search program is somewhat different from the others, the basics are the same. There is usually an online help feature you can use to help you set up your account and maneuver through the system. Staff at the local unemployment office can also assist you with this job search benefit.

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  1. Single moms should take advantage from this, we know how hard it is to handle all the burden in building a stable family. If you loss a job then try to acquire this aid, it will be very helpful.

  2. Losing a job does not mean losing everything. If you are a single mom and is weighed down with all the expenses and worries to think of, then finding a new job should always be an option. Inquire yourself to this aid and never be afraid to loss the battle because every single mom should be hardworking because they don’t deserve to be single in all things ahead.

    • Don’t be afraid to collect unemployment either. Many people see it as a program for deadbeats, but in reality, your tax money pays for it, so you’re entitled when you honestly cannot find a new job.

  3. Being unemployed is really a difficult thing to handle because you have no idea where you will get the money to pay the bills and provide for your family. I’m glad that there are unemployment benefits job search like this that help single moms in searching for jobs where they can work for.

    • Don’t be afraid to look on job sites too, they can have a lot of legitimate job offers for you to choose from.

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