Why Going back to College May be Easier Than You Think

College…you might laugh out loud if someone suggested that you could begin attending college in the near future. If you are a single mother, the idea that you can somehow juggle your work life, you role as a mother, and the day to day things you do to keep the household running, PLUS the addition of college courses is absurd. Also, even if you could somehow do it, how would you pay for it?

Fortunately, a lot of organizations understand just that concern, and offer a diversity of options for financial assistance for single mother for college studies. Scholarship.com states, “38 percent of single mothers live at or below the poverty level. Those with at least a bachelor’s degree are five times less likely to find themselves in such a dire financial state.”

A College Degree may just be the answer to your dreams. Find out how you can make it a reality!

A College Degree may just be the answer to your dreams. Find out how you can make it a reality!

While it might seem obvious precisely why a lot of groups make financial assistance for single mother for college available, you should understand that it is not all about growing the economy. Sure, as a college graduate you are far more likely to have “marketable skills” that someone without a formal education cannot offer. However, there are other reasons for you to pursue financial assistance for single mother for college.

For instance, many of the groups offering assistance and grants are doing so because they are hoping to help mothers create a more secure financial situation for themselves and their children. Doing so enables the children to also pursue higher learning and shows them the value of furthering their education.

Visit websites dedicated to single parents, and you will see that many of the people using the sites and forums have created stronger homes and more stable financial futures for themselves and their family by furthering their education or training. Some websites  explain how so many colleges now go “above and beyond when it comes to helping students who have children”.

In other words – the groups providing financial assistance and moral support for single mother for college are seeking to create a better future for everyone involved. So, as a single mother, you really should take advantage of the opportunities.

What are they? A good list of sources for assistance and grants will have to include:

Standard loans – Almost all college students look into Stafford loans, Perkins loans, Grad PLUS loans, and private student loans. These are common ways of financing an education, but as a single mother, you may find that you get preference in some of the programs because of financial need and your single mother status.

Scholarships – Key among your choices for financial assistance for single mother for college are the many scholarships available. These can be found almost anywhere. Local civic organ

izations, local colleges and schools, religious organizations, community groups, national organizations, corporations, and the list just goes on and on. As a single mother you will find that there are many scholarship opportunities. You may want to start by simply using online tools to seek out the most likely sources. Remember that you can also search by your intended area of study. For example, go ahead and use a scholarship search engine for your major or the degree you want to obtain as there will also be scholarships made available “for students of…” too.

Grants – These are, perhaps, some of the best types of financial assistance for single mother for college because there is no chance they will need to be repaid. If you apply for and win a grant, it is yours to use as needed. Some restrictions apply to the use of the funds – but in general, you should be able to find grants that will help you pay for tuition and any other needs around your educational goals.

Financial aid – Never overlook the basic “financial aid” packages available too. You must begin by submitting the appropriate forms with your college, and these forms tell you precisely what sort of aid you qualify for. This could mean federal, state, and college-based money that reduces the overall cost of the education. Some loans kick in for single mothers for whatever the financial aid does not cover, and most financial aid options do not negate the loans, grants, or scholarships you qualify for.

So, you can find many ways to pay for your college education. The best news is that there will be an amazing “return” on every penny you invest. You make a financially stable life for your children and yourself, and you show them the importance and value of pursuing that degree.

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