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Being a single mom, if you do not have a good-paying job, money is not easy to come by. When you have to start worrying about bills, keeping food in the fridge, getting your kids what they need, clothes, shoes and all the list of things that go on and on, you need to have money in your pocket. To make sure you have money at all times, one job just doesn’t do the job, sometimes that means having two jobs. That is not the easiest thing to do. Sometimes that may mean back-to-back jobs without any break in between that can get very hectic and crazy. Here are some pros and cons whether having two jobs are the ideal situation for you or not.

Pros for having two jobs:

More Money. No matter how much you try to save, money just gets spent no matter what you do. Spending aren’t always spent unnecessarily, people who are very limited on there spending spree try to only use it for what is most important. Though, you still need to have extra cash in your pocket, it doesn’t hurt. Having two jobs, meaning more money can buy you things you would personally want that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.

More people interactions. When you have more work you interact with more people as well. Two jobs means meeting new people and developing new relations. Furthermore, new friends could lead to new opportunities and open new doors for you.

Bills will be paid. As much as we try not to stress over these things, it’s hard to ignore them when they are placed on your countertop. When you have a limited amount of money, it is hard to figure out what to prioritize and what not too. When you are racking in more cash, all of your bills will remain paid and on time.

Future Savings. Simply because you have extra money does not mean that you have to spend it on something, open a savings account and put all your money in their. Saved money can be very helpful in times of need, if you are even in some sort of difficulty you know that you have some sort of financial back up.

Cons of having two jobs:

Too Stressful: When you have two jobs, that means more responsibility on you. Sometimes you may have to work overtime in one job and may fall behind on the other job. Times like this begin to get very hectic as to how you care going to mange everything.

No time for play. When you have two jobs you become a busy women, much of your workload may force you into working of the weekends. All these causations may lead you to spend less time with family and friends. You won’t have as much time to attend child’s school conferences or his/her games because you will have no in between free time from the morning to the evening.

Affects your health. When you start working more then your body can take you begin to become tired and constantly irritated due to you stress-level. Furthermore, when you are sitting in your office everyday you do not receive much exercise and become lazy. When you come home all you want to do is sleep.

Develop unhealthy eating habits. When you are leaving your house at 6 in the morning and coming home at 10 – 11 at night you tend to become lazy in cooking dinner, you are more likely to just grab a light snack wherever you find one. Furthermore, you don’t have time to pack yourself lunch in the morning so you munch off of whatever fast food place in around your workplace.

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