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They as for one wherever you apply, a RESUME! Not everyone is the best at writing one. Single mom, you need a job you run your house and keep your child as well as yourself happy. If you don’t have a job everything just becomes so difficult, there are things that you want and are unable to because it is to expensive and there are other important places the money can go, Now, a resume can make or break your chances of getting a job. Considering that the only thing people know about you is what you have written, haven’t written and how you’ve written on your resume you want to make sure that it is the best it can be. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when writing a resume.

Know WHY you are writing a resume

As silly as is sounds, many people simply write a resume because they have to or they feel it is a part of the application section. You write a resume in hopes that it will make you look good and convince the people to at least land you an interview with that which leads to the job.

Don’t lie

Don’t lie on your resume. First off, it is a bad habit that isn’t going to do you any good. Furthermore, if you boss asks you to something that lied about, it put you in a very bad position and gives you a bad reputation. Not to mention it makes to unreliable and untrustworthy in front of everyone.

Elaborate on your Strengths

Many times when writing a resume people start listing their strength, which is good, but that’s what everybody does. You want your resume to stand out, so when writing your strengths write few rather them many and explain why and how those are your strengths. Gives examples from your actual life where you used those strengths. That doesn’t mean write a whole paragraph about each one, but a sentence or so to explain how you are hardworking or encouraging.

Make sure to Proofread

From the very beginning of school you have be taught to proofread all your writing, this comes very handy! When you are writing your resume you want to make sure you wrote it right. If someone is reading your resume and sees spelling and grammatical error they are not going to be so willing to consider you for the job. So proofread yourself and have others proofread as well. Sometimes others find mistakes that we have missed.

Careful of your choice in diction

Keep in mind that you are trying to convince someone to pick you for the position out of 100 other applications. With that in mind, you are not writing a letter to a friend, so you can’t simply write words like “nm, OMG, etc.” You are writing professional answers so make sure to sound mature enough to be capable of the job.

Writing a resume isn’t difficult as long as you write with precaution and are mindful of your reasons. If it is a job you want terribly, you’ll make sure that your resume is incomparable.

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