10 Underrated Ways to Get Federal Housing Assistance

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Federal Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

One of the most challenging tasks for a single mom is buying a new home or paying monthly house rent. While making ends meet, it is often difficult for you to ensure your kids live in a safe and decent place. If you’re facing housing problems, you should try to find a good assistance program that can help you overcome many of your housing hassles. Here are a few vital housing assistance programs for single mothers:

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

This is a significant scheme offered by Public Housing Agencies (PHAs). In this program, the government will pay granted money to the landlord offering home for single mothers and their family to reside in. You are required to pay the difference between the actual rent charged by the landlord and the grant you receive under this program. The objective of this scheme is to provide housing for single moms, regardless of what their earnings is.

HOME Investment or Partnership Program

This program, administrated by HUD, provides affordable homes to single mothers with low to very low income. Under this program, you can get a grant to build a new home, buy and restore an old property or even get a house on rent.

HUD Public Housing Program

This program provides a safe rental accommodation to low-income families or individuals. The rental properties come in all shapes and sizes and you can get one of them, but only after the public housing agency verifies your references to make sure you and your family won’t cause harm to the house or neighbors. 

Habitat for Humanity

This is a popular form of housing grant available for single mothers. Single moms who are looking to offer affordable and safe home for their kids but not in a financial position to obtain a loan, can be benefited from this program. Unlike other grants, this is not usually in the form of money. Instead it is in the type of home which is built by volunteers and the family who would use the home. The cash for materials and other things is donated by corporations or individuals. Once the house is ready, you can get it at just 1-2 percent mortgage. It is vital meet certain criteria to qualify for this grant. Furthermore, you should be willing to volunteer to assist to build a future home or habitat for humanity for another single mom or needy family in the future. Contact your state’s housing authority to get more information regarding this program.

Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP)

This program is available only in the District of Columbia. Under this program, first-time homebuyers, whose income level varies between very low and median are eligible to get assistance for down payment (up to $80,000) and closing cost (up to $4,000).  If you’re intending to purchase your primary residence in the District of Columbia and you have a good credit rating, HPAP can make things easy for you.

Family Unification Program (FUP)

Sometimes families become separated because of the incapability of the single mom to offer safe and adequate housing for her kids. This program offers a grant vouchers to single mothers who are in need of assistance in purchasing house or renting safe housing for their family and themselves. This scheme is available through HUD only to those people whom the social service department has deemed in need of safe housing.

American Dream Downpayment Initiative (ADDI)

Administered by HUD, American Dream Downpayment Initiative or ADDI is available in all the states. It is suitable for first-time home buyers belonging to very low to median income levels. Under this program you can get a grant of $10,000 which you can use for downpayment, closing costs and other expenses like reducing home-health hazards.

USDA Single Family Housing Program

USDA rural development is providing homeownership loans at fixed rate and very low interest to build, buy or repair homes in rural regions. These loans are meant for low to very low-income individuals and families and help them to improve and modernize their homes.

Transitional Housing Assistance Program

It is an excellent program for single mothers or families facing homelessness.  Although the grant is available for a limited time, 2-weeks to 24-months, but it will help you to deal with homelessness crisis in a better way. In addition to housing, this program also provides daycare and counselling services (which can be beneficial for you especially if you’re a victim of domestic violence). You can also look for employment opportunities available under this program.

Eviction Prevention Program

This program provides assistance to individuals including single mothers who are at risk of becoming homeless either due to eviction or foreclosure. You can receive a grant of $1,200 for about 18-months. It is a short-term program, but it can help you to get a shelter until you find a good solution.


Home, food and money are basis of survival of any human being. A safe shelter for kids is your top-most priority as a mother. With so many assistance programs for your help, you don’t have to worry. Choose the right assistance program, fill out and submit the application form with all the required documents. Things like homelessness and eviction will never haunt you ever again.


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