5 Blunders That Will Sabotage your Job Search

To make your job search successful, it is vital that you start your searching task with the right frame of attitude and mind. Mental preparation is perhaps the most significant task as you proceed in job hunting. You must be aware of the blunders which job seekers usually commit in order to avoid committing such mistakes.

There are several ways job seekers would sabotage their hunt efforts. If you are not getting job offers or interviews you feel which you should be getting then it might be due to some blunders. Here are five blunders that will sabotage your job search:

1. Lack of realistic career focus

Job seekers often fail to plan realistic career goals. Either a job aspirant is desperate and would take anything or respond to any kind of job offer whether the job fits into his requirements or not. Or a job aspirant does not factually know what he desires to do and thus, a job seeker with ambiguous objective can often fail in job searching task.

Not knowing your values and yourself is the biggest blunder which can sabotage job search. Starting a job searching task without understanding your skills, values, career interests and goals is like going for a road trip without map. Though, you can start your task without these, but you won’t be able to find the right job which fits you.

2. Failure to determine and quantify employability skills

A clear and strong career goal is not just enough. Employers always look for several employability skills in the job aspirant such as communication skills, team working skills, attitude and lots more. Thus, it is vital to develop employability skills in order to get the desired job.

If you cannot demonstrate how your strengths and skills can aid meet a particular need of any organization then you aren’t relevant to that organization or company. This simply means that you need to prepare and discover what the recruiting company’s requirements are.

3. Inadequate documents such as resume or cover letter

Approximately 85% of job aspirants are screened out at the document stage. Job seekers who fail to recognize the significance and power of compelling important marketing documents such as resume can reduce the probabilities of making it through the very initial screening process.

You must ensure to have the well structured resume, make it to be precise, readable and prioritize the accomplishments to match the requirements of the probable employer. Do through research on resume formatting and writing as well.

4. Poor references

Most of the job seekers fail due to the selection of wrong or poor references. Most of the prospective employers will do reference checks. Inadequate and unclear responses from your references can destroy your opportunity, so be very careful while choosing your references. Also, prepare your references by sharing your views with them and make them understand the significance of the prospective position or the company.

5. Lack of interview facing skills and confidence

Most job seekers due to lack of confidence and interviewing skills often lose the job offers. Job seekers often fail to answer even the very basic interview questions. This is mainly because they lack confidence.

If you truly do not miss the job offer then be well prepared to face the interviews. Winning the job offer needs thorough research, preparation and lots of practice. Failure to prepare or participate can make you miss the job opportunities.

The aforesaid are few of the top blunders that can certainly sabotage your job search. Ensure to avoid committing these mistakes in order to make your successful job search and to get the best job!

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