5 things to look forward to in 2015 (The year of the Goat!)

To start with let us begin this year by wishing a prosperous new 2015 year to all the readers. As one year comes to an end it signifies the beginning of another year of dreams, aspirations and hope. It makes us determined to make this year memorable and determined to make changes in our life that would make it an unforgettable year. Things to look forward in the 2015 is the question that always comes up in everyone’s mind whenever the year comes to an end and everyone prays that they get what they were unable to achieve in the previous year.

Though it is still early to think about 2015 but we humans dream and hope for change in the future. We as humans always desire for change.

5 things to look forward in the 2015:

  • Year of Sequels: As the year 2014 will come to an end and the beginning of 2015 will provide all the movie buffs with much desired dosage of movies which they had all lived, experienced and would continue to live with. Let’s await the sequels of all the famous movies from Disney movies to bond series from psycho thriller to action movies. The year 2015 will bring great laurels to the film industry.

  • Gaming marvels: The year 2014 has not been great in terms of games which have been released but don’t worry the hopes of the gamers is still not finished. The year 2015 has many promises to fulfill and will bring with it games that would bring satisfaction to the hearts of the hardcore gamers and start their year with high aspirations. Some of the few releases for the year 2015 are:

  • The order

  • Rime has beautiful scenic beauty and resolution that will make you escape into its world.

  • Halo 5 is the sequel to Halo 4 and all the halo fans are sure to wait for it.

  • Rise of the Tomb raider will be successor to the tomb raider series in which a more mature and adventurous version of Lara croft can be seen.

  • Fall of terrorism: With increasing globalization, the world has seen increased incidences of terrorism the world over. With increasing global relations between the world leaders, there is a need for stringent actions to be taken against such activities. The world is becoming aware about such activities and is frustrated and wants to put an end to such acts of violence.

  • Trend of social networking sites: The year 2014 has seen major growth of quite many social networking sites whether it be social dating sites or online recipe discussions. The dependency on internet has increased tremendously globally. The sites can range from personal blogs to any video uploading site. Anything you find complex to solve, just find a laptop and post it you will surely get lots of comments, so no doubt will look giant to you. The growth of social networking sites has been manifold in the last few years and this trend will continue to stay. Through these sites you can make friends not only from your respective country but from the other part of the world as well.

  • Gadget Guru: The year 2015 has promised huge commitments in terms of gadgets. Let’s hope for getting bigger and faster applications with minimum storage space or a faster processing system. Slimmer and lighter mobile phones, miniatures of laptops are expected to be launched in the year 2015.

So let’s just cross our finger and hope for the best that year 2014 ends with prosperity and the year 2015 fulfills our aspirations.

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