5 Majors that make the most money

Earning a degree takes effort, money and time, so you need to be sure to select the right money making major. When it comes to earning money, getting the right education or degree can make tremendous difference. If you main motto behind having a degree is pursuing a great career and making the most money then it is better you choose the major which are probable to generate the best job offers.

Top most profitable majors for Women

1. Engineering – Engineering is one among the degree with highest job rate. Graduates with this degree are sure to make the most money. Various fields in engineering with highest paid salaries include aerospace, electrical engineering, civil, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering and environmental engineering. Engineering students will learn to use science and math to solve problems. Common courses include engineering law, physics, and even numerical methods for engineers and scientists. Average first year salary would be over $59,000 and the average mid-career salary would be over $101,000.

2. Economics–Economics is one among the versatile of majors. Graduates learn to effectively apply reasoning and also analysis to a variability of organizational, societal, and business issues as well. Most companies nowadays are looking for those people who can offer accurate economic analyses and can forecast business trends. Graduates with this degree, will learn regarding economic theories, statistics, international trade and more. Economic majors involve a lot of math as well as statistics and other vital subjects included in this major are political science, psychology, social science and history. Potential careers include; market research analyst, personal financial advisor, and financial analyst. The average salary for the first year is about $50,200 and that of mid-career salary is about $101,000.

3. Computer Science–Majoring in computer science and aid you make the most money. There are plenty of amazing career options for this major, such as software designers, software & web developer, computer systems analyst, information systems manager and lots more. Computer science majors include learning various programming languages such as Java, C#, C++ and more. There are also other courses in the computer science major such as data structures, digital system design, algorithms, and even mathematics for computer science. Majoring in computer science, would let you navigate through the significant algorithm procedures which create, transform and describe information and makes you as a valuable asset to any software company. The average salary for the initial years can be over $56400 and that of mid-career salary could be over $97,400.

4. Accounting –These days accounting major has emerged as one among the best major to choose from in order to make the most money. Accounting and audits are necessary in almost all fields and so the companies are looking for the graduates with the accounting major. The potential careers include; tax collector, accountant and auditor. Students can learn the varied accounting skills in this major including the ones that are required to analyze, record, as well as to interpret financial information. The common coursework includes topics relating to cost accounting, tax accounting, cost accounting and business law. The average mid career salary is approximately over $77,500.

5. Business administration–A degree in business admiration is one among the top majors that make the most money. Graduates with this degree are likely to get the highest rate of job offers. Students can learn about business management and administration, financial management, business ethics, human resources management, and more. After acquiring this degree, graduates can work as market research analyst, financial manger and top executive. The average mid-career salary is over $70,600.

Aforesaid are five of the best majors that aid you get a promising career and make the most money!

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